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chapter 2

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confrontations... very short, shitty chapter

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The rest of the band and several security members quickly ran to Kellin, who promptly sat up, dazed.

"Kellin!" Jesse was shouting at him, taking his shoulders with both hands and shaking him roughly. "Kellin, say something, goddammit!"

But Kellin's eyes were far away, focused on that person in the back of the audience. The audience that had gone into a panicked frenzy, chattering and shouting nervously.


The singer finally faced his guitarist, brow furrowed. "I..." he started. "Let's just finish the show. Guys, get ready for the last song." Jesse looked at him with a concerned expression, before finally shaking his head and turning away, walking back to where he had set down his guitar.

Kellin had to address one more issue. "Security... that man in the back. With the black windbreaker, gray hair. Don't let him leave." Again, he had to refrain himself from saying.

The band returned to their positions. Kellin sprang up with an easy smile on his face. "Sorry, guys," he told the crowd. Through the corner of his eye, he spotted some security members approaching the man who had walked out on him years ago.

"I looked at Gabe's face a second too long and, you know what happened," he joked at his drummer's expense. The nervous chatter transitioned smoothly into laughter. "Well, let's wrap this baby up: I know you guys like singing along, so, for you, this song is If I'm James Dean, You're Audrey Hepburn."

The crowd went absolutely nuts, and Kellin began singing, always keeping an eye on that man in the back.


After ten years, Lucas and Kellin Bostwick had reunited, backstage after a rock concert at a shitty venue in Philadelphia.

The band and security had given father and son some privacy in the back room. They now sat across from each other, Lucas on the couch, his hands in his lap, and Kellin on a chair, his arms crossed over his chest. No one spoke, just stared at each other, until Lucas made what would be his third hardest decision.

"You were really good up there," he offered weakly. Kellin twitched in surprise.

"Uh... thank you," he said, his expression wary. "Nice of you to come watch."

It was quiet for several more moments. Lucas had so many things to say to his son, words and thoughts that he had carried with him for ten years, each one weighing him down like anchors. So many things to apologize for, so many things to tell Kellin. To let him know how proud he was, how much he loved him. How sorry he was for ever leaving.

Lost in his misery, Lucas hadn't noticed that Kellin had begun fidgeting, tapping his foot and drumming his fingers, his face turning red, looking as if he were about to burst.

Lucas began, "Kellin, I-"

His son jumped up, knocking his chair over and staring down at the older man in intense anger. "Fuck you, Dad! Fuck you!"

Kellin turned and began to walk away, a disgusted expression on his face. "Why the fuck are you here, old man?" he whipped around suddenly, eyes wild. "What the hell are you trying to do? Come back to say, 'Hey, haven't seen you in ten years, you're in a band? That's disappointing!'" He mimicked his father in a mockingly low tone. "Or maybe you wanted to tell me that you're glad you left before I could become an embarrassment?!"

Lucas had sunken into the couch, his face screwed up and splotchy, tears leaking from his eyes. He had expected Kellin to be angry, and he had planned to accept it all with dignity, yet his emotions clearly got the better of him as he broke down.

And Kellin continued shouting. "I was fifteen years old, Dad! Do you know how much that fucking screwed me up, Dad? How devastated I was, how Mom couldn't stand to get out of bed for months, Dad?!"

Dad, Dad, DAD?!

His face was red, the vein popping out in his forehead, and he stared remorselessly down at his weeping father. The room was silent except for Lucas's sobs, and Kellin struggling to calm down.

"Being fifteen is hard for anyone. I was already struggling with school and depression and self-identity and all that bullshit that teenagers go through. But you fucking left without any kind of notice at all... do you know what that did to me?! You have no idea how confused we were, how hurt I was. How we even kept that tiny stupid hope that there was some better explanation for this, how maybe it wasn't our fault. And you know what? It never was my fault, or mom's fault. We believed it was, which we never should have had to go through." Kellin's face was cold and expressionless now, his voice monotone. Then he sighed and sat back down on his chair, rubbing his face tiredly.

"Do you know I'm married, Dad?"

Lucas was shocked. "Wh-what? Really?"

Kellin smiled, his eyes far away now. "Yeah... I have the most amazing girl in the world. Girls, actually, I have a daughter."

"You... you do?"

"Yep. Her name is Copeland and she's perfect. And you know what? I could never leave them. I could never leave my family. I don't understand how a father could ever not love his child so much that he couldn't bear to not stay. I think, at the very least... if you're man enough to bring a child into the world, if you have any honor at all, you should be man enough to stick around and see how they turn out."

Lucas was silent, eyes wide, studying his son's face.

"So tell me-" Kellin leaned forward and clasped his hands, resting his arms on his legs, "-why would you leave?"

sorry for the super short and crappy update... also I found an awesome post on my tumblr dash. FYI that's not my tumblr.
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