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We Will Carry On

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It's over, but it isn't really over.

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This is AJ here.

You have all most likely heard about the MCR break up.
If you haven't, and you've just woken up to all of the news on Facebook and FicWad, like I did(I woke up to it and checked FicWad to see if it was legit), then I'm so sorry.

The breakup is horrible. I'm sure we're all upset, especially since we met through MCR. They were our heroes, our friends, our muses. Then, we wake up one morning, and it's gone.

So, what does this mean for the fandom?
Sure, we'll cry over it together. We'll blast MCR through the streets and we'll all reflect on our lives with MCR, but we will carry on. No matter what, to the end. We created bonds so strong that even the band that we met through breaking up won't push us down. We're more than just a fandom.
We're Killjoys.
We're in The Black Parade.
We're Vampires.
We're in love with revenge.
And you know what?
Killjoys never die.
The Black Parade never dies.
Vampires never die.
Revenge won't die.

Bands will come and go. We can't expect them to stay together forever.
And although bands may go, it's us, the true believers, the never-giver-uppers, who truly keep the band alive.

MCR will live on. And, one day, when all of the bands that we've grown to love go their separate ways, it's us, the ones who truly believe, that will keep the band living on.

We may be saying goodbye to a beloved band, but we are NOT saying goodbye. We will stay together, stay strong, and never give up.
MCR has saved us. Let's not make it in vain.

There will be new bands. There will be new heroes. MCR leaving is just paving the way for a new band, a new life-saver, to impact our lives, and the kids who never made it's lives. They need a hero, too. There will be new kids who need heroes. One day, they'll discover band that will save their lives, just like us, and they will be brought together by it, just like us. As they might leave one day, their music will live on in our ipods, our phones, everywhere.

MCR will carry on. So will we.
They aren't over for us.
They are just forever alive.

If you are thinking about harming yourself over this, please don't. My Chemical Romance wouldn't like it. If they saved you, let that live on. Let MCR's legacy live on.

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This is not good-bye.
This is not over.
There is no "The End".
Just "To be continued..."
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