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Smile because it happened

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The world may be ugly, but we are all beautiful. My thanks and thoughts concerning today's news.

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"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." - Dr Seuss.

So as by now, like many other millions of fans out there, I have heard too the sad news of My Chemical Romance's break up. I was sad, I cried my tears until there was nothing left when I saw this quote (one above) posted on a girl's blog.

And it made me think.

This girl had a point. And she was brave enough to say whilst other bloggers were angry and outraged at the band's split.

She's right.

We shouldn't cry because it's over and the moment's gone, we should be happy that it happened at all. We should be happy that a group of boys tried to change the world through music. That a bunch of misfits who were mad enough and brave enough to abandon all their other plans to follow a vision created by one man had done just that.

And if their first concert, in a bar, filled up on alcohol and Mikey so drunk he could barely stand (watch Life On The Murder Scene- you'll see what I mean) hadn't have gone so well then there wouldn't be a My Chemical Romance. They soon became so big that they didn't know what to do with themselves. Their music became some people's way of life.

They became a comfort to the depressed, a consolation to the broken hearted and an inspiration to a generation.

And in some ways that was a good thing: the fan base got bigger, word about them spread across the whole world- there wasn't a country who didn't know their name. But then again it was also bad: the pressure of it all added up until an unbearable weight rested on the band and they faded. Everyone thought the Black Parade had finished them off. I remember that my parents were all smug about it, 'I told you they were just a flash in the pan'.

I think, for a while, it then all quieted down. The music wasn't forgotten by the fans, but the media forgot- pushing them to the back of the archives with all the other short lived bands and flops. No one expected any more albums, no one expected any more news.

And maybe that's why no one saw it coming.

They returned again with a new record and a new look. They were no longer the band we knew in image, but their drive and message still remained. There was a whole hype about it- the new sound, the new image, the whole 'killjoy' scene. It was fun, it was happy, it was energetic and wild and it brought back hope for a lot of fans who'd given up.

I remember all the fanfics suddenly emerging until Ficwad was spewing them out left, right and centre. I read so many and loved them all. They inspired a mad bundle of creativity and joy that no other band could hope to achieve. And it was amazing.

Unlike some unfortunate fans, I managed to see them on the World Contamination Tour. It was my first proper concert. I remember it really well, possibly because it was one of the happiest days I'd ever had. I took my friend- her birthday present from me- and we didn't need energy drinks to feel the buzz. Our hyperactivity came from the energy of the crowd. It was an amazing atmosphere. You could feel the anticipation, the excitement flowing through everyone. At one point during the performance, the crowd were singing so loud the band had to turn the amps just to keep the volume level. They were so happy and their joy spread out to their audience. I felt like I belonged there, it was like they were all my family and I made friends with practically everyone I was stood by. I'd never been happier, and I still have never been that happy again. I don't think I will ever be.

And then Conventional Weapons came along. Another fantastic album and it promised so much for them, even if it was originally scrapped to make way for Danger Days. To me it spoke of a new era of My Chem.

It's just a shame that era never came to be.

But we can't be all sad about it forever- Gerard, Frank, Mikey and Ray wouldn't want that. They'd want us to be happy, to be glad that we were part of such an amazing thing for so long. We shouldn't cry over it for too long- we can't change what's happened, we can't turn back the hands of time. And that's the sad reality of it.

But My Chemical Romance taught us all to keep on going, to hold your head up high, rise above the hate and to never be afraid. So it's high time we put that into practise, don't you think? Let's show the world what we can do, let's scream out until they hear our voices and know we're here. It's up to us to keep My Chem's message alive and let everyone know it. The world is an ugly place, but we can change it.

So don't be sad when you look back at the past 12 years, smile and remember it fondly and hold your head up with pride because you were part of the greatest adventure ever. And it's not over guys, it'll never be over. We hold the fire now and it's up to us to keep it going.

And we will never let it die out.

My Chemical Romance drove us this far. They picked us up, comforted us through the hard times and gave us hope when there was nothing else left. The journey was long and fun and can compare to nothing else.

But it's nowhere near over.

The guys have handed the steering over to us and it's now our decision where we take this. We can take it far or we can let it crash and burn... it's up to us now.

So, finally, I come to my thanks:

Gerard Way- Thankyou for the music, the lyrics that inspired and changed so many people. You're a once-in-a-lifetime frontman and have touched the hearts of so many. Thankyou for changing me and making this ugly world a hell of a lot better. You had a vision and you made sure every last person heard it.

Mikey Way- 'The quiet genius,' Gerard once said, 'This guy really doesn't know how talented he is.' I owe you a lot. You were the reason I picked up a bass guitar and taught myself to play. You were the motivation to do it that I wouldn't have had by myself. I really can't thank you enough.

Frank Iero- My Chemical Romance's #1 fan. You love the band more than anyone else ever could and- as Kerrang! put it- you are the soul of the band. Your blogs and tweets have made me laugh time and time again. You're an inspiration to so many and a blessing in the music industry. Music is your life and I respect you so much for that. A brave character that everyone should take a leaf from. I remember you were the youngest, a rebellious little punk who couldn't get a decent job because you deliberately got a tattoo on your neck that no uniform could ever cover. I looked up to you then and I still do now, and I think I will forever. Thankyou so much.

Ray Toro- Thankyou for the amazing guitar riffs and solos and for being the one who was always calm and collected. In one edition of Kerrang! the whole band agreed you were the one who always knew what to do and what to say. Thankyou for holding them together whenever things fell apart and for admitting in a Kerrang! Q and A edition that you have actually read My Chem fanfics and enjoyed them. Thankyou, you wonderful person.

Bob Bryar- I know you're no longer part of the band, Bob, but I just had to thank you too. Thankyou for putting up with a troublesome and usually hyperactive Frank, especially when he got in your bunk and tried to cuddle you (Life on the Murder Scene). You have the patience of a saint and I admire that. Oh, and thankyou for not giving Frank too serious a head injury when you shoved him out of the bunk- he only hit his forehead.

MCRmy- Thankyou for sticking by them, defending them when the haters became too much and for never giving up. You are an inspiration to all fan bases and I have the utmost respect for you all, you wonderful people. Thankyou to all the friends I have made and will continue to make. You picked me up when I fell and supported me when I couldn't do anything for myself. We aren't just a fanbase, we are a huge fucking family and nothing can stop us.

It's been a good run with you guys and though it's a shame to see you go we will carry on. Your music and message will live on through us and hopefully one day our paths will cross again.

A band with a name from the blurb of a book has inspired a generation of people.

This was more than they had ever imagined.

Thankyou for the best years of my life, My Chem. I love you all and will never stop loving you.

The world may be ugly, but we are beautiful.

Sara xo

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."- Dr Seuss.
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