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message to the MCRmy

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we are fighters. read this.

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i've never been a fan of notes, but this calls for words. real words straight from my heart.

we're all shocked, dissapointed, heartbroken.
but this is no reason to /give up/.

mcr have spent a great deal of their lives building something up.
they helped us realize the important things in our lives and always told us to be who we are,

to try and make our dreams come true.

and i guess i understand. they have families, kids and they don't want to be that asshole parent that's never there. i think that's a wise descision.

also, let's face it, some fans have been pretty much assholes.
i'm not talking about any of you, please beleive me.

and them leaving us now, isn't it a sign that they trust us to be able to fend for ourselves?

the mcrmy cannot go down because the founders left us.
let us keep this safe place alive. let's wear our merch proudly, blast their songs without a single regret and without judgement.

we're still here, we can keep this beautiful thing alive, because all of us are beautiful. we can make this /work/.

so write I AM A FIGHTER on any part of your body today and be proud.

be proud you are part of the mcrmy!

“‘Promise me, when MCR’s gone, you’ll do what it takes to survive. You’re strong enough to do it without me.’”
—Gerard Way

xo katie

ps. my mail is
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