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Promises That You Can't Keep,It's Getting Harder To Hold On.

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Promises That You Can't Keep,I Find It Harder To Hold On.

I remember when you made a promise.
To stay,and never leave.
But,that didn't last long.
What happened to us?

I remember when you made a promise.
To keep yourself alive,to keep fighting.
But,you didn't.
What happened to that?

You made a lot of promises.
You sacrificed it all.
Yet you broke those promises.
And that broke my heart.

I can't go on anymore.
Knowing that you lie.
I can't go on anymore.
Knowing that you died.

What happened to staying?
What happened to keeping on?
What happened to us?
What happened to me?

I used to be so happy,with you there beside me.
I used to love you,don't you remember?
Yeah,well now that has all changed.
Just like me.

This is me,and I am done.
Done with the lies.
Done with broken promises.
And,done with my life.

Before you assume anything,I'm not going to kill myself.
I'm just,brokenhearted really.
MCR,they promised to stick around,yet they broke that promise.
I don't think I can really trust anyone again,now they are gone.
But,I've let go.

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xx Sadie
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