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Never fade in the dark

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don't cry, just keep believing in your dreams, keep running for them, and never let them take the light behind your eyes

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"Thank you and goodnight, Brighton!"

Gerard screamed the words into the mic and I screamed at him from the crowd, I felt tears running down my cheek, I loved the band so much, this couldn't happen, could it?

The news had come months before, march the 22nd. The day My Chemical Romance broke up. I never thought it could happen, I was so confused, they where meant to be recording a new album, not breaking up. It was the worst birthday ever.

I made my way out of the venue as quick as possible trying to get a glimpse of them. I spotted the tour bus, which thankfully, no one else had. I ran over to it, wearing my black hoodie and jeans, I stayed in the shadows.

I knocked on the metal door not expecting a response. But I got one. The man I looked up to so much stood there, eyes burning full of anger.

"Oh god are you a fan?"

I opened my mouth to speak but he spoke first.

"Look I'm sorry, but I can't talk right now, this is the final night of our tour, I'm sorry,"

He went to close the door but I stopped him.

"Sorry? Gerard, you went through so much with this band, as did Mikey, hell even Frank and Ray have been though shit, but we stood by you. We where there, and you guys where there for me. Every time I cried, every time I smiled, every time I was angry I listen to your songs, your voice, I love you guys. I know you so well, yet you guys don't know us! I have tried to commit suicide 9 times and every time, you picked me up. The World Is Ugly came out while I was in a psychiatric ward, do you even know how much those words touched me?"

Gerard stood there gob smacked. I felt the bitter tears stream down my face.

"Gerard all I want to know is why? Why are you leaving us, when we still need you so desperately?"

He looked into my eyes, full of sorrow and sadness. His eyes where full of tears as well.

"Kid, you've got guts to come here, so I might as well explain, come in,"

I walked on to the bus, Ray, Mikey and Frank where sitting in the small lounge area, staring blankly at the tv. They looked up at me, then at Gerard.

"She's a fan, for explanations, I thought I might as well,"

He then turned to me.

"What your name anyway?"

"I'm Christy,"

He smiled and told me to sit down. I did and he started to speak.

"During the black parade, as you know, we started having doubts, about life, about the band. We fought and argued a lot, it took so long to come out with danger days, we didn't think we would even make it. And very recently a lot has happened, Mikey's affair went public, Frank has lost family and Ray is a father, in fact three of us are. We want to go out on a good note, not by having the stress of being a Rockstar,"

His eyes where filled with the passion that he use to show on stage, I remember hearing is voice for the first time and crying because of the emotion.

"But you can't, so many people will miss you! I'll miss you! I need you guys! Please!"

I was shaking and sobbing, Gerard came and hugged me, I cried into is shoulder wishing I could just stay with these guys forever.

"Hey, Christy, don't cry, just keep believing in your dreams, keep running for them, and never let them take the light behind your eyes,"

I pulled away and looked at his hazel eyes, ones that I had fallen for all those years ago.

"But, Gerard, my dream was... Was... To sing.... With you-u guys!"

I started sobbing again and he hugged me tightly.

Then Ray spoke.

"Hey, kid how old are you?"

I pulled away from Gerard for a minute.

"I'm 18,"

Ray and Gerard shared a knowing look.

"Well, it can be arranged,"


Five years later

The black haired girl stood in her flat humming under her breath. The radio was on full blast and she stopped to listen to the announcement.

"Gerard Way is divorcing Lyn-z after a fight about Gerard apparent affair with another woman,"

The girl winced, she had never wanted Lyn-z to get hurt, she loved the woman dearly. She was sexy and fiery, exactly how she had been, and still was. The girl started listening again.

"and here is the classic, but still epic song, by My Chemical Romance and Christy Gold"

The girl smiled and tapped her fingers to the tune. Her phone rang and she picked it up.

"Christy, the band are getting back together,"

The girl smiled widely.

"Gerard, I love you sometimes,"

"I love you too Christy,"

hi guys, I know self insert, but there isn't a lot of love in it till the end so yeah, hope you liked it considering,

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