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Keep Talking

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"You ARE mad at me! Jackass."

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Mr. Philip's History Class

What was up with that?


…Up with what?


You KNOW with what. With the way you're acting. I noticed you didn't write any letters, either.


Are you mad at me?

Why should I be mad?

…I don't know.

You're cute when you're embarrassed.


You're blushing, you know.


SHUT UP. Please. Just maybe we should stop passing notes or something.

You ARE mad at me. Jackass. What did I do?… Does this have something to do with yesterday?

No. Yes. I'm just kind of confused. You're not still pissed about… everything, are you?

What do you think?

I don't know.

I thought you were supposed to be smart.



I'm sorry. I just thought there was some mistake… I know I'm being a jackass. Ignore me, okay? I'll screw everything up again if I keep talking.


…I can't.

You can't what?

Ignore you. It's impossible. Look, do you want to go out with me or something? Forget about the pen pal thing- I swear I was ready to go insane, so let's just… drop it. I like Frank better than Anthony.

King Henry III inherited a kingdom separated from the rest of Europe that was protected by water but with poor natural resources.

Don't be that way. You know you want to.


Okay, what?

You're mean. Okay, I'll go out with you.

…We can get together after last period and do something… or we can just skip next period and do something then.

…How about both? But only if you swear you won't ignore me anymore.

Deal. I swear. Just give me five minutes. I have a little… business to take care of with an old friend before school lets out.


Locker #115
Kyle, darling,

Don't forget about your tap-dance lessons after school today! Perhaps you could bring your little girlfriend along to your recital- I know she'll love it. I'll have your pink leotard ready for you as soon as you come home, Wilfred dear- oops, I almost forgot, it's Kyle. Excuse me, darling.

Remember that you can't be late! Your father and your dear auntie and I will all be at the dancing studio to watch you. You really must reconsider my idea about becoming a ballerina- you'd look so lovely in a tutu.

I'll see you after school, Wilfred! Oh- I mean Kyle, of course.


Your Dearest Mommy


See you after school.

Best regards,


The End? Maybe a sequel later. I'm so written out. 

I saw Grease last night. The high school is doing the play thing, I'm going again later xD

Well um, what grade do you think Gerard and Frank got in english? 


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