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My theory

by cj_warner94 32 reviews

Just hear me out guys it could be true

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Okay well my theory is right, what if this is the start of mcr5? Gerard said it was dark so what if them 'breaking up' is fake and it's just the start of a new era? Think about it, Lyn-z, Jared Leto, Brian, could all be in on it, the other celebs are just assume that's its real, but the ones that are close to them must know why it's happening.

The last we heard from Gerard he was recording a new album, he wasn't looking his best, he'd gone back to looking like he did in the black parade era except with black hair instead of blonde. I think he could be depressed again, that's another theory, that they might be backing off for a while because of shit gone on in their personal lives, but then again no one has tweeted since the news came out, frank hasn't updated his blog, it's like they're silent, waiting to surprise us, or am I just being to hopeful?
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