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A quick audition for a fic

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Just a quick audition for three characters to be in a fic xo

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Hey guys, I know I haven't posted anything in aaaaaaaaaages but, especially after today's events, I was inspired to write a My Chem fic. It might be a little rusty- I have spent so much time away from this section and dabbled in other fanbases for a while- but my writing has made much improvement since the last thing I posted when I was... 14? I'm 16 now and I've had this story on my mind for a while now but never really got around to writing it. I'm not going to tell you the plot though; far too many spoilers! :D

But if you're interested, please audition!

It's set in the Danger Days and what is my interpretation of Conventional Weapons so it'll be a little more darker and a hell of a lot more rebellious. I'll need 3 characters, preferably not all girls- I'd like a lad to balance stuff out (:

All you have to do is complete this form-

Killjoy name:
Age (preferably over 18):
Personality (briefly):
Fighting style:
Anything else you'd like me to know:

The auditions will close Sunday 24th March at 6pm (going by time in England) and winners will be announced that evening. Also, there will be some artwork appearing on my DeviantArt soon of the three winners and the Fabulous Killjoys :)

Good luck, and happy auditioning!

Sara xo
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