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Our Heros Will Never Dissolve Into Men

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One shot about the break up. It's shitty so sorry.

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Four heroes, mere men that had built themselves into the saviors they are today sit at a small table with their heads all hung partially. This was a solemn occasion, a day they hoped they'd all never have to face. The sunlight shown through the nearby window, bathing the lead vocalist's grave face in it's radiant light. His brother who sat across from his pursed his lips, his expression growing pained. The guitarists sat beside the brother, sharing the same thoughtful and blue face. They had sat in silence since the moment everyone was grouped and at the table. The sound of laughter had faded into the ether, and the smiles had been weighed down by a decision. Each person a cynosure of the lives of millions of people were about to make a decision that would change everything.

"I don't want to do this." Gerard finally spoke, and as soon as the words left his lips he had the attention of every somber face in the room. "This has been my life for 12 years, I don't want to stop." He continued, every one of his brothers agreeing with him without uttering a single word, or moving for a nod.

"There just comes a time though." Ray said. As much as it hurt all of them, they knew the guitarist was right.

"I didn't think finalizing this would be so hard." Frank interjected, glancing at his family.

"It's just time to move on." Mikey spoke, gluing his sad eyes back to the table. "It's going to be hard, but we can do it. We've got the last 12 years to be proud of, and to look back on forever."

The members of the band all nodded in unison, knowing that the choice they were making was the right one. They've helped save so many, and their music will still continue to do so. None of them would leave if that wasn't the case. Each one heard the internal calling to rescue the lives of strangers, and to do good by at least one person. To help at least one person. In 12 years, they've saved millions of people from the horror that is suicide, and self harm. They've pulled themselves away from self destruction and pulled others with them as they ran from the fire and wreckage that threatened to engulf them.

"The end of this band isn't the end of us. We're still brothers, we're still friends." Frank spoke, looking them all over once again for some kind of confirmation. "We've got each other, the memories, and the future."

"We'll be in this together until the very end." Gerard nodded, smiling at his friend Frank.

Mikey stood up from the table, and everyone else did the same shortly after. Mikey took a step toward Ray, and wrapped his arms around him. Gerard mimicked his younger brother and latched onto the tall guitarist. Frank dashed over to complete the group hug, and sniffles arose from the bunch and many tears were shed. This was the end for My Chemical Romance, but this was not the end to their legacy. The music, the sound, the message, the image. It will always be with them, and it would always remain a part of their fans. Tears turned into satisfied grins and wet eyes filled with nostalgia as the members of the group truly realized they'd still be together, and they'd still have what they've already made. Pride had trumped sadness in the hearts of each of them as they released each other from the most emotional embrace they've entered together.

"It's been a good run, guys. We've always got the future."
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