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Apologies are always the hardest,so,let's do this thing..

I'm sorry.
I never mean't what I said yesterday,I was just,my mind was all over the place.
I did want to kill myself,but I didn't want to relapse again,the same day I tried to kill myself after what,a few weeks?
I'm sorry about what it did to you guys,I never really wanted to hurt you.
It's just,I'm kinda lost now without MCR.I woke up today,thinking they were back,then I remembered they weren't and I had no idea what to fucking do.

I deleted yesterday's post by the way,forgeting about it.

You all have permission to fucking slap me over the internet.


Right,so now that is outta the way.

I'll be updating my SWS fic,the next chapter will be a fucking shock.
Also,I have a cool idea for a new MCR oneshot,like a memory one.
Going back in time,through all the My Chem years.
And I know exactly what to name it.

It'll be named after a lyric in Surrender The Night,the last song MCR ever recorded together.
Get the fucking tissues out for this.

As well as that,I'll also write a poem.
I'll try and make it happy,like about a dog?
That sounds shit.

It'll be a sad one then.
Because of what happened yesterday.


Also,while I was gone from FicWad,I did a really good art peice.
It was entitled "Bands Make My Life!".
What I did was,I got all the bands I've listened to,and I wrote them all down in different colours.
Here are those bands:-

- Sleeping With Sirens.

- My Chemical Romance.

- Black Veil Brides.

- Peirce The Veil.

- Paramore.

- Asking Alexandria.

- Suicide Silence.

- Green Day.

- Fall Out Boy.

- Bring Me The Horizon.

- Fearless Vampire Killers.

- You Me At Six.

- Jimmy Eat World.

- We Are The In Crowd.

- Tonight Alive.

- Avenged Sevenfold.

- Muse.

- Nirvana.

- New Found Glory.

- 30 Seconds To Mars.

- Halestorm.

- Papa Roach.

- Bowling For Soup.

- Sum 41.

- The Offspring.

- Blink 182.

- Tenatious D.

Those are all my fave bands.
I have a good music taste,huh?


So,that is all.
I had my little breather,my break.

Next time I try something like this,fucking slap me over the internet,okay?


D'ya forgive me?
Probably not,but I'm okay with that..

Singing PTV
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