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You Can Fight This All You Want,But Tonight We Lost Our Way.

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Gerard remembers all that happened over those past 12 years.

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You Can Fight This All You Want,But Tonight We Lost Our Way.

Gerard arrived home from the studio for the final time.He walked through the front door,and was greeted by the smiles of his loving family.His 5-year-old daughter,Bandit,showed him a picture she had just drawn.It was of herself,her Mom and Dad,and his band.

His Ex-band.

"Thank you,Bandit."Gerard smiled,taking the drawing from the little one's hands and kissing her forehead."It's lovely."

"Glad you liked it,Daddy!"She giggled,before skipping down the hall to the playroom.Gerad then made his way upstairs to change.

After some time,Gerard had gotten out of his clothes,and was in his old,skeleton onesie.He was sat on the double bed,staring at the drawing in his hands.A single tear escaped his eye as he got out the small,cardboard box under the bed.He took of the lid,and emptied the contents.Inside was CDs,Posters,Photos from photo-shoots,anything that the band that was My Chemical Romance,had done together.Gerard began to look through each item in turn.

The first item he picked up was a CD.It was their first album,I Brought You My Bullets You Brought Me Your Love.Back then,Gerard was drunk,along with his little brother Mikey.With this CD,they recorded their first music video,Vampires Will Never Hurt You.It was a good song,Gerard thought.It was fun,energetic and a real hit for a starting out band.Gerard then placed the item on the bed,and found the tickets to their first show as a band.They were all drunk,and high,and no one really remembered anything.Gerard smiled,knowing how happy he was back then ; how happy everyone was.

"Hey Mikey!"Gerard called to the boy with glasses,fiddling around with his bass."Good show today!"

"Thanks,bro!"The younger Way called back,smiling.

Then,MCR's manager,Brian,walked into the living room,smiling widely.He stopped in front of the band,who were awaiting the news of how their first record had sold.

"Over 11,000 copies."Brian smiled."In the first few weeks."

That news had set everyone in a fit of happiness.Ray and Frank had stood up and brought everyone into a hug,which included Worm,the band's bus driver.

"My Chemical Romance,are becoming a phenomenon."Gerard shouted above the commotion,earning cheers from the rest of the grown men..

Gerard put down the items,then moved on to the next item,another CD.On the cover were two people,whose faces were covered in blood.This was My Chem's second album,Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge.That was a real hard-hitting time for him.His depression,alcoholism and prescription-drug abuse has gotten worser.His grandma,Elena,had also died at that time,which had given Gerard the inspiration for the Helena music video.This album was a real struggle,but they made it through.

Gerard dialled the number,Brian's nimber,and waited for him to answer.Soon enough,he answered,in a slurry,tired voice.

"Gerard?"He rasped."What's going on? It's 5am."

"Brian."Gerard got panicky,he was all hocked up on drugs and alcohol."I have a problem."

"What kind of problem,Gerard? This is the third time you've called me tonight."

"I want to kill myself."Gerard admitted."I'm done with my life."

"No,Gerard."Brian said,getting into seriousness now."Do not kill yourself."

"Then what am I supposed to do,man?"

With that,Brian had talked Gerard down,until he was stable enough.Then,he called Worm,and told him what had happened.Worm then took Gerard out for a walk,to calm him down.He eventually passed out.Then,in October 2004,Gerard Way had become clean and sober...

Gerard got a small tear in his eye,as he put down the CD,and picked up the next one.This was the third album by My Chemical Romance,called The Black Parade.This,this album was a real challenge.MCR had been bashed by Britain's newspaper,The Daily Mail,blaming them for the death of Hannah Bond,a 13-year-old girl who had hung herself.They were branded a name,which they soon began to hate:Emo.Gerard,in his white hair and marching band outfit,then did something about it.

"Alright London!"Gerard paced up and down the stage,microphone to his lips."Now,I saw something in one of your newspapers the other day."

The fans had leaned forward,intrugued by what Gerard was about to say.

"This newspaper,called us and people that are fans of us,a cult."

The fans gasped at the news,then began to boo to the newspaper.

"They also said that we promote self-harm,and suicide in our lyrics.But,we don't!"Gerard was full-on pissed now,and began to talk again."So,I want you to scream,and shout at the tops of your fucking lungs...FUCK THE DAILY MAIL."

The fans began to chant along with the singer,pumping their arms in the air along with it.Gerard was proud with what he had done..

Gerard remembered that,he really remembered well.He put down the CD,and picked up the next CD,a bright one.This was their fourth,and final,album.Danger Days:The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys.This was a really good album,full of colour.It was also being made into a comic,which Gerard himself was designing.Gerard looked at the CD for a while,before his wife,Lindsey,entered the room and sat beside him,wrapping her arm around him,as he began to truly cry.

"It's over."He whispered."The band,is over.My career,is over."

"No,Gerard."Lindsey soothed him."It's only just beginning on a new adventure."

I got most of the early memories from Life On The Murder Scene,or from Youtube videos.
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