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You Still Have All My Heart

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I've been wanting to say this,for a really long time.

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You Still Have All My Heart.

I've got something to say,something to tell.
I've been feeling this feeling,for really long now.
It eats away at me,drives me crazy.
But,it's true to me,is it true to you?

I may not know you.
And you may not know me.
But I love you.

It is a feeling that I cannot hide.
A feeling that is real inside.
There I said it,can't you see?
That I think we're mean't to be?

I know you love somebody else.
I can see that,I can.
But,I can't help the feeling.
I can't help it,I can't fight it.

They say that love is forever.
your forever is all that I need.
Please stay forever with me.

Can't promise that things won't be broken.
But,I swear that I will never leave.
Please stay,forever,with me.

((You get more and more awesome points if you spot the SWS references.I got two in there,you tell me what they are and I'll give you a cookie!))

Now,that poem is a real feeling.
I'm feeling it right now.

Guess who for?
CLUE:He's a singer,and has a really good voice.

(((You get a millon more awesome points if you answer that!)))

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xx Sadie
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