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The MCRmy never dies.

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We'll carry on, because we have something to fight for, something to protect. please read.

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I feel like I can't get across what I'm trying to say...

Just because there won't be any new music doesn't mean we have to adore what they created any less. It was the right thing to stop being a band when you feel like you've said everything, like you can't go on stage anymore without faking. That doesn't mean what has been built is for nothing. MCR have a message and this message will be passed down by the MCRmy. We're still here, we'll continue beleiving in this cause. We'll carry on supporting each other, helping each other and standing up for what we beleive in. If there's nothing left to teach, the student becomes teacher. MCR started because they wanted to reach people and they have reached people, they achieved their goal so their time has come. They left this to us, we can fight through this. It is hard, but this is MCR's legacy, and we are responsible that the things they worked so hard on getting across won't ever be forgotten.
We march on, forever, Killjoys Never Die!

xo k
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