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The darnest things out of fanfiction

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Collection of things in fanfics I found funny. Hopefully at least some will bring a smile to your face! :)

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5Funny I collected some things I came across. I won't name the author or the fanfic,
since I don't want anyone to feel remotely insulted. Everybody makes mistakes and I have some
pretty moronic typos too. So please enjoy without judgement :)

And ignore my lame comments o.o It's just what I thought when I saw each quote. I'm lame.

And thank you to all the people who rated and make me feel loved :D


The darnest things out of fanfics

Alicia said should be back with pain revivers soon, just hold on.

...hold on, pain REVIVERS? I wouldn't want to take them :L

Franking just harrumphed and fixed his hair.


I wouldn’t heart him.

...I'm not sure if you mean hurt or 'heart' instead of 'love' or 'like'.

He was frozen for a moment before rapping his arms around me too.

...yo arms go round ma Frankie yo dem arms round Frankie! Or how do you rap your arms around someone?

you know I'd have you steaked if you laid a finger on him

...steaked? don't get me wrong, a steak from time to time can be nice, but I'm not sure I'd want someone to transform me into one.

“Gerard,” I whispered heavily, moving my hands through his ear. exactly do you do that? transparent hands, huh?!

She pulled a hanker chief from her kimono

I'm pretty sure you mean handkerchief...anything else would be worrying

My cheek hurted

My eyed bulge outed my skulled at your stupiditied.
I mean...hurted? come on...


There was a loud silence.

...I don't even know what to say...

i convinced mikey to go tot. the park.

You know that tot is the German word for dead?

He rashed to his bathroom.

What's rashed supposed to be? Like getting a rash or riding a big pile of rash to the bathroom?

There was no knock at the door yet and she wasn't in the shower long so she broke his razor and cut her stoache

You can't spell stomach!? Geez

Bandit grunted at her hot as she looked at it.

...her hot?

The guy had long black hair that barely touched his ears.

...doesn't that contradict?

No Vampires call each other fags or other demeaning names with out being considered traders and usually put to death or shunned.

Those damn traders sure are one hell of a plague...selling their goods as if they actually had the right to do so...providing us with food when we could be so wonderfully malnurished! They must be eliminated now!

I walked into my arm room and tore it up

I'm kind of interested in what you're keeping in there...

I don't know who did this or what they are capiable of. What if they are a rapiest?

I'll let capiable pass as a spelling error, but rapiest-two times in a row actually-just sounds like a new kind of dinosaur to me.

I got out the shower rapping a towel around my waist

Again with the rapping?

The bins had probably seen better days, the pain chipping off them, and litter beginning to over flow out onto the streets.

Okay, I know this one's most likely a typo, but it's just too good to leave it out :')

Rank was only a baby in this new world…

My god the rest must smell so horrendously bad...

He was sucking ecstatic. comment

I followed up his thigh and hip, tracing along when his underwear had been setting and softly lower, not giving him any real contact.

I had a hard time understanding this one until I finally understood the author meant 'sitting' and 'where'.

New ass-wholes!

Whole asses with holes in them. Holey asses or even holy wholes...none of this word vomit exists!

he held my hand leading me some were.

So he led you, okay. But who was what? Huh? Or do you mean somewhere?

I got off him and laid by his sighed

I imagine it like this: All sighs ever emitted by him clumped together and formed an entity called 'sighed'

It will be up to a councillor to decide when he can leave.

Because Gozilla's too mainstream...

I stabbed her in the stomach and performed a homicidal hari-kari.

Hari-kari? HARIKARI?!?!?! You're literally too dumb to insult. I take offence if someone butchers a beautiful language

I finally found them making my way over to them and certain raven hard boy catches my eye.

Raven /hard/?! really? I mean...really?

oh that's not the end of it?! okay:

He was breathtaking he's smooth raven hair


Gerard's staring up at the sealing hearing Frank's sobs muffled against his tattooed hands.

So the ceiling consists of lots of seals patched together. And i'm not sure if I mean the thing used to keep something shut or the animal.

She's plane but pretty

She's a huge skymonster transporting people from A to B. Must be pretty fucking rad.

my heart shaddered

I know Americans like to pronounce every t as a d, but please refrain from letting it affect your spelling...please!

making what I do seem like sympathy

I'm sorry, but what? I can't seem to understand...

my hands balled into fists as my fingernails dug into the skin of my pals to form pale white crescents there.

Ouch x.x Not a nice way to treat your friends

leaving me stark baked in front of him.

...judging from the context, you mean naked
Geez, know your english (I know...too sarcastic coming from me xD)

I noticed he was looking right at me witched mad the guy with long hair turn.

I don't know what to say...

”Ray fined a motel to stay in for the night.”

...okay, you go Ray!

Gee by puller much.

What? I...WHAT??? Someone please explain!

I don't like her atall.

I presume you mean at all and not a tall (because atall simply isn't a word /at all/)


That's all I got. I started collecting these around June.

xo Katie
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