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Breakup and Fic Idea. READ.

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New idea for a chaptered fic, what do you think?

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Hello there, fellow ficwaddians.

I haven't been on here a lot lately as I have had stuff going on in my life, and more recently, the MCR breakup initially made me question whether I should continue writing or not. But after doing a lot of thinking (soul-searching, to make it more melodramatic) and talking to people about it, I've decided to keep on writing. My personal opinion is that just because they're gone from the music industry, doesn't have to mean that we, as fans (and writers) have to erase them from our existence.

But as for my own take on the split, I think I'm in a good state to write a bit about it right now, as I've had time to clear my head and think things over. Of course I'm upset over it; those guys have been a huge part of my life since I was 12 or 13 and first struggling with stuff. They introduced me to the entire rock/alt/metal side of music, and I haven't dared to leave it since. And of course their music helped me in ways I never thought to be possible, although I don't want to detail that with another shot of melodrama. There's enough of that regardless to go around. But all-in-all, I want to support them in whatever they feel they're being led to do in their lives, and I'm really happy with the closure the fans got. They went out with a bang, and with class; and made sure every fan felt valued, not abandoned. I'm proud of them, and I'm proud of us - the fans - for being as strong as we have been these past few days. And I bet you they're damn proud of us, too.

Second order of business: I have a fic idea that I want to run by you guys. I was thinking of combining three fanfics that I wrote on here (and then deleted) a year or two ago. Basically, the plot would go something like this:

Frank is kidnapped by Gerard (for one reason or another, I haven't figured it out yet. I think I might make it because he witnessed a crime that G committed, and G keeps him hostage so he can't run and tell anyone). Gerard is a highly sought after member of the mafia, and therefore is almost continually on the run, so he takes Frank with him throughout the US. Shenanigans ensue, and through a series of somewhat-unexpected and emotionally distressing events, Frank falls in love with Gerard, and then much later on, Gerard with Frank. So sort of a weird Stockholm/Lima thing. It would have a lot more action/thriller elements to it than I am used to writing, but I have the ending decided and it is very characteristic of my usual "I like to make people cry" style of writing.

Let me know what you guys think!

-GettingHighOnCyanide (Em)
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