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She died. Long ago.

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A story of a girl that gave up. And was reborn. (not really mcr but mentions them)

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Once upon a time, well march 20th 1997 to be exact, a little girl was born, she had big brown eyes and a tuff of black hair on her small head. 

She was born to Marc Warren and Emma Jackson, they had been together no more then two weeks when they found out Emma was pregnant. 

Emma had told Marc, since he was only 19 and she was 29, that he could leave if he wanted to but he didn't, he stayed. 

The little girl was named Chloe Betsy Jane Warren. She was loved dearly by her parents and then when her parents announced they where having another child, Chloe couldn't wait. 

She was two and a half exactly when her little sister, who looked like a boy, was born. At first Chloe hated the new baby, she thought her parents didn't love her anymore, but then she began to love her. 

Every time that the little baby cried, Chloe would sneek into her parents bedroom and climb into the baby's cot, making the baby laugh with funny faces. 

During all this Chloe was mostly raised by childminders that Chloe's parents dropped he and her little sister off at everyday before going to work, Chloe had one favourite childminder, she was called lyn, she had bright red hair and was like a nan to Chloe.

When Chloe was three, she started at a play group called piglets in Crawley, furnace green. Chloe didn't really have any friends and when she tried to make some they told her that they couldn't be friends with "a little three because they where big threes". 

One girl really didn't like Chloe, she was called Olivia Tribe. She was tall and pretty with long black hair. Unlike Chloe's short build, medium length honey coloured hair. Olivia would push Chloe around and hit her. Chloe never made a sound when it happened, she didn't think it was Olivia doing bad, she thought it was her. So Chloe never told anyone.

When she was five, Chloe started st. andrews first and secondary school. At first she loved it. She made a friend called Rebecca, that lived just behind Chloe. Chloe also made another friend called Melanie. Chloe loved Melanie, she played 'the game with a hundred chapters' with her and watch Pokemon at sleepovers with her.

But it all changed when Chloe found out one day that Melanie wasn't coming to the school anymore, she had moved to Russia. 

Chloe cried at school that day. She didn't want her friend to go. Melanie became the only friend she had, Rebecca like to play with the girls that talked about princesses and played with Barbies. Not girls that liked to talk about Pokemon and play imaginary games to save a princess.

Chloe became very very lonely. She started to get bullied and her mum and dad money was running out. They couldn't afford very much. Chloe got headlice. She hated them, everyone at school seemed to know and called her nit head. Chloe started to dislike herself more and more. She had started to grow up and see the ugliness of the world. 

When Chloe was 8 she had told her family she had a "boyfriend" and used the home phone to talk to him. He told her it was a joke she went down stairs and told her uncle Adam because her parents where out. Uncle Adam said to her.

"if I was your boyfriend I'd treat you like a princess, in the bedroom and here," 

Chloe didn't know what he meant but smiled and uncle Adam kissed her. 

After that uncle Adam would come over every weekend and have sex with Chloe and her little sister.

When Chloe was 10 her parents broke up. Her dad had an affair. Chloe was heart broken. She loves her dad so much, but she loved her mum too. Her dad got a flat in the rough part of Crawley. Chloe and her little sister went round there every weekend. 

Chloe was relieved to get away from her uncle Adam. She didn't want to have sex with him, but couldn't tell anyone because he told her if she did, he'd cut her throat. 

One day while in the car, Chloe heard a song on the radio. It was called teenagers by My Chemical Romance. Chloe loved it, but soon forgot about it. Being the ten year old she was, her farther had told her she couldn't like it because I swears.

When Chloe was 11, she was suffering glandular fever and was off school. She was pacing across the upstairs landing, just out of the shower, debating wether or not to tell her mother about uncle Adam. In the end she told her. The police came round and interviewed her. 

Over then next year or so, Chloe started to hate herself. She turned to drugs, which she stole from her father who had recently taken up dealing. She would smoke weed and snort cocaine. She became addicted. When her father was caught, she found out he had been supplying her mum. She started to just take small lines from her mothers supply. 

It was only when she went back to high school fully that she really tried to give up. 

In high school, Chloe was bullied for being fat, ugly, pale, a freak. Everyone hated her throughout her time there. But in year eight Chloe saw her. The girl
She had fallen in love with as a child. Melanie. She now had deathly pale skin, black rimmed hazel eyes and thick, black hair that reached her shoulders. 

Chloe started hanging out with Melanie again. She confessed everything and Melanie helped her. Melanie re-introduced her to the band My Chemical Romance. She became obsessed with them. 

But then Chloe changed. She became depressed, feeling fat again, ugly. Like a freak. She tried to hang herself with cables, three times. She took a cocktail of paracetamol and sleeping pills, then puked them up twice. It was then that she went to her godmothers under social services care. 

Chloe hated her godmother, she had told Chloe she was fat and that she need to stop eating. One day Chloe snapped and stood up to her. Her godmother threw her out. Chloe went back to her mothers for a month and was then moved into foster care.

Chloe moved with her little sister when she was 14. They lived with a woman called Kaz, who Chloe grew to love. Chloe moved schools and began listening to my chemical romance again, it made her feel better. Until september the first 2012. Chloe was 15, she felt like crap, the police had done nothing about her uncle for 4 years then told her there would be a court case on her 16th birthday. 

At the new school she had made friends, but she had lost Melanie. She had told Melanie that she was bi sexual and that we was in love with her. Melanie had kisses her and she had felt happy. Even if she was getting bullied. 

But at the new school, she got bullied even more. People said she was better off dead. They tried to stab her. They stalked her outside of school and followed her home. 

On September the first, Chloe planned to go to gay pride in Brighton and kill herself with alcohol overdoes. 

It was the next day that was worse. Chloe had been picked up from the
Hospital at 11 at night and in the morning she came out to Kaz. Everyone told her that it was a phase. Chloe was still drunk and went to the bathroom ran a bath and, still in pyjamas got in the bath trying to drown herself. 

She woke up dry and in her bed on Monday. She went to the bathroom yet again and ran a bath. She cut her arms till blood streamed down them. The lines criss-crossed down her arms. She washed the cuts and wrapped them up before she went downstairs and pretended to be okay for the next two months.

On the 11th of November Chloe took a fatal overdose of fluoxetine, she was rushed to hospital the next morning. She was admitted to a psychiatric ward for teenagers. Thats where Chloe really died. 

She died and in her place, stood Christy. Christy Gold. Not Chloe Warren, not the fat victim she had been years ago. She listened, in her small room, to Gerard Ways voice. Telling her the world is ugly. But that she was beautiful. 

Christy Gold is the girl typing this. She is not afraid to keep on living. She will keep running. I will always believe in me.
Because I am beautiful. And so are you.

so yeah, this is my story I guess. I just thought you guys should know...
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