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sorry just ranting and in need of comfort

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PEOPLE SUCK MAJOR BALLS SACK. (except you guys your cool, and mostly my suckie fam) apparently i'm incapable of doing anything right. i got called an idiot for plugging in a charger. by my mother. MY MOTHER. i mean its not anything new but really i'm not bother anyone. all i ever do is just chillax in the back round. there are the occasional comment or laugh but really. and not only that everyone just walks all over me. my dad gets drunk (trust me he is not an alcoholic don't get any ideas) and it's my duty to take care of him. why me i'm freakin 15 years old, why cant my mom do it or sisters. rawr its just frustrating. it got soo bad i almost cried. but i will not give them the fun of making fun of me. aahhhh thank you for reading if you even got that far. i love you guys im going to go and sulk in a corner now. i might post later bye. :-*
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