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10- Responsibility

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Dylan doesn't realize what she is agreeing to.

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Mikey paused outside the door to the basement, leaning his forehead against the cold wood. It was quiet, but he knew it wouldn’t be for long.

Despite how much he didn’t want to do what he was about to do… He knew he had to. He had to do it for Gerard, and for himself, and for Dylan. Gerard wasn’t safe when he was high. He wasn’t safe to be around, and he wasn’t safe to be.

Mikey was careful to close the door behind him, and as his footsteps sounded on the creaky stairs Gerard’s voice floated up to meet him. “Mikey… Mikey, what is going on?” He sounded scared.

That was a good start.

Mikey waited until he reached the end of the stairs to finally speak, but his words did nothing to end Gerard’s growing fear. The older boy was locked in place to the wall, using heavy chains. They were more for look, something simpler would have worked just fine. Mikey had changed the basement décor approximately a year after his parents had moved out when he started practicing bdsm. It was generally used for kinky sex, but at the moment he was using it as a less practiced form of rehab for his brother.

“That shit is still in your system.” Mikey commented. “Whatever the fuck you took this time. Rehab didn’t work, and probably won’t again so this time… this time I’m going to fix you myself.” Gerard’s eyes widened.

“What are you going to do?” Gerard asked, thinking of Mikey’s earlier threat to end his life. It wasn’t all that far fetched. Mikey knew how to be cold when no one else could stomach it. He had always been the strong one, out of the two brothers.

“I’m going to force your mind to focus on something other than the withdrawal symptoms you’ll soon be suffering through.” Mikey bent over, picking up a piece of chalk. “And I’m going to show you what you’re facing if you keep on doing this shit to yourself.” Gerard watched with quiet intensity as Mikey drew a chalk outline of where Gerard’s body could be- if he were dead.

It was a threat. Mikey just hadn’t fully formed the words. “The dead can’t speak Gerard. I’m giving you the chance to do so.”

Their eyes met and Gerard’s stomach clenched tightly as cold fear gripped him.

Mikey loved Gerard.

That’s why he was doing this, or so he kept silently reminding himself… trying to make it seem right. They weren’t normal people, and so normal strategies wouldn’t work. They had a secret, and even though Dylan wasn’t Gerard’s secret per say… he still had to keep it. Rehab was too dangerous of a place now.

Once Mikey dropped the chalk on to the floor he straightened up, preparing himself for what he knew had to be done.

It was time.


My wrist was sore from before. The handcuff wasn’t helping, but I was grateful that both wrists weren’t cuffed. Luckily Mikey didn’t know me well, nor my childhood. Alex used to handcuff me regularly. We played what he called ‘cops and robbers’ but was really just a game of ‘handcuff your little sister and then run off and play with the other boys’. It was his way of getting rid of me. Our parents realized what was going on and promptly put a stop to it, as my father shamefully figured out where his handcuffs had gone. Still, I’d learned how to escape first.

Since I didn’t have a bobby pin I forced myself to escape the hard way, instead twisting and turning my wrist until it scraped free. It was painful, but relatively easy.

I’d caused my wrist to start bleeding, unfortunately.

On the positive side the door was unlocked, and so I managed to walk out with little problems. Until I reached the stairs, which I promptly fell down as I missed a step.

Yeah, graceful I was not.

I waited, unsure if Mikey was still around. Nothing happened, and I heard nothing causing me to assume that Mikey was long gone.

The house was cold, and I still wasn’t wearing anything. It was odd walking around my kidnappers house without clothing but I didn’t particularly feel like wearing his clothing… not after such an intimate kiss. I felt as if that would somehow make the entire scene even more intimate, and I didn’t want that.

Quite honestly I wanted to completely forget my horrific mistake, in which I’d enjoyed Mikey’s lips pressed against mine. It had to be the murder. It had messed with my mind. I was just scared, and vulnerable… and he took advantage of my confusion.

Yeah, that was it.

The bastard.

Downstairs there was a gentle breeze which further chilled my body. Instead of back tracking upstairs and giving in to the urge to put on clothing I opted for one of the hanging jackets. It smelled like smoke, but it was bearable. I slipped it on, and it fell to my knees.

I was inches away from snooping around the living room when I heard a frightening scream pierce the ear. Chills ran through my body, causing me to freeze in place.

Who was that?


I didn’t want to but I thoughtlessly walked forward, towards the kitchen. Deep down I hoped it was a spider, and that Mikey was simply terrified of the creepy crawlies. However as I came closer another scream sounded loudly, coming from behind a door in the kitchen. That was creepy enough. The other creepy factor was… the scream wasn’t full of fear, but instead pain.

Millions of torture scenes Alex had forced me through on ‘horror movie nights’ flooded my mind, and I jumped back at another scream. I knocked something over, which clattered to the floor. It was silent between screams, but this silence seemed more sinister. Had I been heard?

I stayed in place long enough to hear another cry of pain before I forced myself forward again. The kitchen was fully stocked, and it didn’t take me long to find a knife. The knife wasn’t that sharp. I could probably cut a tomato with no problem, but coming up against an intruder with it? Yeah, they would probably laugh at me. And then kill me. Or make me scream the way Mikey was screaming.

The door knob was cold, and it seemed to make my body temperature drop considerably. I wanted to look for keys instead, and possibly escape… but something inside of me, /that stupid part of me that wanted me to die/, forced me forward, and I slowly cracked the door open. The light was on. Thank god. Had it been off I probably would’ve died on the spot from terror.

I slowly worked my way through the door without opening it all the way. Once inside I quietly closed the door behind myself. I was almost proud. Almost. I still had to see what was going on downstairs. I nearly dropped the knife when another scream filled the room. Now that I was inside it sounded louder and that had seemed impossible.

I couldn’t see from where I was, and so came the hard part. I had to go down the fucking stairs. Of course. This was coming closer and closer to being a full blown horror movie, and I was the perfect damn victim.

The first stair creaked. I froze, forgetting to breath. Seconds passed. There was no noise, not even footsteps. Oh please just be a really big spider.

I took three more stairs without a problem and then just… stopped.

It wasn’t Mikey.

It was Gerard.

Gerard was against the wall, hands restrained and out of the way. His chest was bright red. Oh no… that was blood. He was bleeding. No one else was in sight. My grip tightened on the knife and without thinking about it I sprinted the last few steps, everything inside of me shutting down. I wasn’t thinking, at all.

He coughed up blood and his eyes landed on me. I was by his side in a second, still tightly gripping the knife. “How do I… is there a fucking key for these?” I reached for one of the cuffs that kept his wrist in place. It was a lot more medieval than the one I’d escaped from upstairs, and would pose bigger problems.

“H… help.” Gerard coughed out. It looked like someone had been carving at his chest. There was so much blood… and… and I wasn’t prepared for it. I tried to push away the revulsion I felt at looking at his beaten and cut up body as I fought with the clasp.

Gerard’s eyes widened as he looked passed me. For all the horror movies I’d watched I still didn’t get it. Not until the knife I’d been tightly gripping was roughly torn from my hand, leaving me defenseless. “What were you going to do, stab me? Trying to shoot me wasn’t enough?”

“… Mikey?” Screw my earlier confusion. This was actual confusion.

Mikey was wearing the boxer’s he had left in earlier, which should have been a little more obvious to me. He didn’t grab pants before he left me. How did I not realize he was still around? It just didn’t click. A lot wasn’t clicking. I was click less.

Mikey traced his finger over the knife I’d brought downstairs with me. “It’s dull.” He commented.

“It was in the kitchen.” I awkwardly whispered.

“I’m not a really stabby person anyway.” I whispered, backing closer to the wall- and Gerard.

“You’re wearing Gerard’s jacket.” Mikey just kept the awkward facts coming.

“What are you doing to him?” I squeaked out, ignoring the fact that I was wearing Gerard’s jacket. It wasn’t like I was going to peel it off right now anyway. He wasn’t really in a position to take it either, as awful as that was.

“He’s going through withdrawals.” Mikey answered, completely unfazed.

“So… you’re cutting open his chest?” I had stopped trying to free his wrists but I was still standing very close to him. Strength in numbers, right? And Mikey was insane.

“Your wrist is bleeding.” Mikey’s face finally took on a look of slight concern. It wasn’t much but it was something. “Let me see.” I didn’t want to, but he didn’t really wait for permission. Soon my wrist was in his hand. He turned it over gently and gazed at the marks made by the cuffs. “What did you do?”

“Turns out I am an escape artist.” I squeaked out.

Mikey stared at me for a few seconds. “Is that a joke?”

“Kind of.” I whispered, too frightened to laugh.

Mikey cracked a smile. “It was funny.”

“Does your brother detox often?” This was like a torture chamber. Not many people just had one set up, for the hell of it…

“He’s been to rehab before. This is the first time I’ve helped him through the process. I’m hoping that means it’ll be the last. You see, right now he will do anything for a high. I’m pushing him through the withdrawal symptoms and straight in to pain to refocus him. It’s a way of mentally training him to want something other than drugs.”

“Like freedom?” That sounded horrifying.

“Or pleasure.” Mikey commented. “I will give him relief soon enough to retrain the part of his brain that wants drugs.”

“No one deserves this.” I whispered.

“I didn’t say he deserved it. He simply needs it, and I love him enough to give him what he needs even though some would call it cruel. Truthfully if more people were able to do this then there would be less overdoses and broken homes. It would solve a lot if we were able to be strong when needed.”

Okay, he was pretty damn crazy. Nothing new. Just breath through it… “Please give me the key Mikey.” Please.

Mikey seemed surprised by the question. “That would ruin everything I’m doing right now.”

“Please?” It came out childish and lame, but it was all I had. All I could do was beg. I didn’t like Gerard much, since he seemed close to Jack… but the idea of a torture scene going on below me was something I couldn’t really stomach.

I was human like that.

Mikey stood completely still and silent as he seemed to think over my plead. It was then that I took extra notice in how he was shirtless… and not weak.

Thoughts… thoughts come back to me.

“We have days left of this. Weeks depending on if he fights me.” Mikey finally answered, much to my dismay. Gerard groaned.

“While you’re down here…” I was almost too weak to force the stupid question out. “… what are you going to be doing with me?”

Mikey’s eyebrow rose. “Obviously not cuff you, since that seems to be pointless.”

Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. “Yeah, but won’t you be… neglecting me?”

Mikey blinked. “You’re not going anywhere.”

“Neither is Gerard.” I answered. “Why don’t you just… keep watch over him, upstairs, without the… are those /knives/?” His looked sharp.

“How about this, I’ll let him go if you take responsibility for him?” Mikey asked, surprising me.

That seemed easy enough. “Okay.” I didn’t even think of it.

Mikey turned away from me, quickly producing the key. “Here.” He watched me with a look of amusement on his face.

I felt like this was a test, yet I still quickly unlocked the cuffs. Gerard fell to the floor but there was nothing I could do. He was too heavy for me to hold up.

Mikey easily took the key from me. “You’re stronger than most.”

“How so?”

“Well, most people wouldn’t have the heart to kill without so much as thinking it over.”

“What?” Now I was totally confused.

“That’s the deal.” Mikey smiled. “You take care of him. If he falls off the wagon you put him down. He doesn’t have any more chances left.”

He wasn’t joking.
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