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Might and Magic VIII: The Day of The Destroyer

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This is a poem about a video game that you've probably never heard of.

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Okay, I know that I promised myself I wouldn't post this here, but ah well, fuck it. I'm not obsessed with the Might and Magic video game series at all... I promise.

By the way, this is pretty much the storyline of the game from the point of view of the minotaurs (because I adore them)

The storyline is not mine, all of the names mentioned in this belong to 3DO and Ubisoft (I think...). The storyline is the entire Might and Magic VIII: The Day of The Destroyer storyline, but from the point of view of the Minotaurs.


A land so near and yet so far,
A land of history, invaded,
These pirates of the Regnan kind,
By force they must be persuaded.

Here we are, we stand tall,
Each and every mighty Minotaur,
Balthazar Lair, floods and an awful night,
We shall never forget what we saw.

The Ironsand Desert, land of Trolls,
Fire is their strongest fear,
And since many were killed from the lava,
They say "We don't want to be here".

The land where Clerics and Priests reside,
With the Necromancers, they are at war,
The Murmurwoods forest has been destroyed,
The trees blew down with a might roar.

A Lizardman glances at what is left,
Of the the place that he grew up in,
The bridges destroyed, cut off from the mainland,
It is here the hero's journey shall begin.

Our adventurers, brave, noble, loyal,
Shall travel across lands, lives at risk,
They must fight against pirates and dragons,
And other monsters, there's such an endless list.

It's on you that we depend,
So many desicions, yours to make,
You really are our only hope,
So keep an eye on each path you take.

This land, here, is called Jadame,
There are other places you will need to explore,
Shadowspire, Alvar, and Garrote Gorge,
And also, our capital of Ravenshore.

Ravenshore is the central city,
The Dark Elves call it their home,
But that night, The Stranger, he visited,
And began to make it his own.

He created a crystal, large and pink,
It stands in the centre of this lovely place,
A tragic sight for many reasons,
So help us with your metal mace.

The Merchant House of Alvar is based,
In the other town where the Elves reside,
They'll tell you to form an alliance,
So now you must pick a side.

Three alliances must be formed,
Two of which are your choice,
Us Minotaurs you will have to help,
But the others, listen to that little voice.

That little voice inside your heart,
Shall let you know what is right,
Clerics or Necromancers? Dragons or the Hunters?
One you shall choose, the other you must fight.

The four corners have been wounded,
The places where the damage ahs been inflicted,
Dagger Wound Island, southeast, Ironsand above,
In the southwest lies Ravage Roaming, so restricted.

Well, that's how we Minotaurs view it,
The city itself shows no evidence of pain,
But our underground city has become flooded,
So we pray that there'll be no rain.

Finally, in the northwest you'll find,
Murmurwoods, once such a different place,
The Trolls once had a home there,
But now, that's not the case.

There was a reason for the disasters we saw,
Ravenshore, the crystal, the centre of the square,
The trigger of such chaos and destruction,
So save us, please, you must prepare.

Gather the heartstones from the planes, one of Fire,
One of Earth, one of Water and one of Air.
Take them to Xanthor, he'll fashion the key,
which you must handle with care.

With this key you shall enter that giant crystal,
It is the Plane Between Planes, you see,
It shall lead you do where The Destroyer resides,
He's imprisoned the Lords of the Elemental Planes, so set them free.

The crystal shall be destroyed, peace shall be restored,
But do not forget the invasion, please
The Regnans need to be forced back home,
Regna's their home, you know what that means.

Visting Regna shall play a large part,
In you adventure, your quest, your story,
I hope you understand that you'll save us all,
And reshape Jadamean history.

Now, young adventurer, do not dwell,
You shall be our hero, the one who saves us
We'll be united to prevent the doomsday prophecy,
To to do all of this is an absolute must.

But for now, the sun sets over Ravenshore,
The city with the crystal, the Elves with a frown,
We're waiting for you, just for you,
It's the continent you'll save, not just a town.

We'll wait for you, it won't be too long,
You'd know of the disasters by now,
You're there in the middle of it all, we know,
You stand out like the field with only one flower.

When your journey begins, keep your head up,
Understand what lies ahead,
You'll save us from The Destroyer,
We believe in you, my friend.
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