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Romantic/drama/sci-fi. Read it and tell me what you think. ^-^ Thanks. (sorry I'm bad at summaries) rated PG-13 for violence and swearing

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I take a step towards the scene, but when my converse hits the blacktop road ahead of me the blacktop turns into a sticky puddle of blood. Taking a step back I look up at the scene, one car, flipped onto it's top, there is too much blood flowing from the drivers side... Paramedics take a body from the car, shes young, brown hair matted to her head stained with red, her big blue eyes staring at me as her head lolls to the side. My own eyes wander down her body her stomach is sticking out quite noticeably, shes pregnant.. or she was... I stare in horror as they desperately try to bring her back but fail to do so. I reach forward and try to scream but I can't talk, I can't breathe, I can't do anything, I'm frozen... staring at this horrific scene. Then I feel a tap on my shoulder and a baby crying for her mommy. I turn and I'm in a hospital, its empty except for a baby, swaddled in a pink blanket, crying for someone, anyone, to come hold her. I go to her and hold her into my arms, looking into her blue eyes as she stops crying and looks at me with curiosity. Her eyes move to someone behind me and I see the woman from the accident, her eyes just as sad as before but shes cleaned up.. no blood, no bruises, just how I saw her when I left for school that morning. "I'm sorry..." My mother says to me...

"I KNOW!!" I scream as I sit up quickly in my bed, my sheets are soaked in sweat and my hair is pressed to the side of my face. I lay back down and run my hand over my forehead, "I know you're sorry..." I whisper as I feel a cool rush of air brush over my bare chest. I get out of bed even though I have a few hours before I go to school, about 6 to be exact, and I get ready for the day. I turn on my music quietly and I sit back against the wall, grabbing my dream journal and start quickly scribbling down the dream when I hear the light thumps of my sister's little feet make their way to my door. They stop for a minute and I watch the door as I see it slowly creep open, "D-Dom?" she asks quietly as she pokes her head into my room, her innocent blue eyes showing worry for her big brother. I smile a little and get out of bed, picking her up and taking her to my bed, "Why are you up so late?" I ask as she cuddles in my arms. She frowns as she rests her head on my shoulder and wraps her small arms around me as well as she can, "Daddy has a fwiend ovah." she says sighing. Anger flashes in me and I hold her closer to me, "I'll be right back... okay, sweetie?" I tell her as I stand up and lay her on my bed, pulling the blanket over her, "Stay here." I say strictly, she nods and pulls the blanket to her face as I leave the room. Just as I close the door I see my mom sitting on the edge of my bed, trying to comfort Emily, I don't think she realizes I'm the only one that can see her... At least I hope I am, I don't want Emily to have this... "curse." Oh yeah, I forgot to mention... I can see the deceased, they come to me for help most of the time, but with my mom its different, she can only talk to me in my dreams, not when I'm awake like the other people, and all she says is "I'm sorry..." then I wake up, it's been those same two words for the past 3 years, over and over and over.
I get downstairs to see the thing most people would call a step dad, Scott, sitting at the table in the kitchen with two of his friends, all drunk out of their skulls, the musty smell of pot hanging faint in the air. I walk into the kitchen and I kick his pile of empty beer bottles collecting by his chair, "What the fuck!" He yells at me as he drops his cards onto the table. I roll my eyes, "I'm not your babysitter or Emily's! Did you forget you had a 3 year old daughter to take care of?? She doesn't need to see you and your scumbag friends smoking pot and getting drunk." He stands up and I shove him back into his chair... Bad, bad idea... The next thing I know I'm laying on the linoleum floor, a cut on my face from a broken beer bottle being smashed on my face. I slowly open my eyes when I hear the familiar cry of my little sister, I look at the doorway and I see her standing there in her Cinderella night gown, her face red from crying, "Shut the hell up!" Scott yells as he walks up to her with his hand extended. I quickly stand up and I punch him in the face before he can hit her, as hes falling I pick up Emily and I run to the front door, putting my shoes on quickly and grabbing her coat before I bolt out of the door.

I get into my car and start driving down the road. Emily is sitting in the backseat leaning against the door with her eyes closed, finally asleep. I sigh and I wipe my hand over my face, getting blood everywhere.
I reach for my cell phone and I dial Libby, Emily's babysitter who happens to have the biggest crush on me, I know that I can get her to anything so she’s normally who I call first in times like this. Just as predicted she picks up on the first ring, "Dominik? What's wrong?" she asks in an awfully fake sleepy voice. I roll my eyes and sigh, "Something came up and I need you to take care of Emily early... I'm on my way to your house to drop her off.." I hear her gasp in fake sympathy, "Ohh no!" she drawls, "I'll be waiting for you guys then... Drive safe!" She says then hangs up. I sigh and roll my eyes... Here's the thing about Libby, she’s nice, but I swear to God she’s probably psycho, she’s the type of girl that seems like she'd be the sweetest thing, but if you give her an ounce of criticism she'll go home and nuke her hamster, why do I trust her with taking care of my sister? I don't, my mom did and Emily has had too much going on in her short life that I couldn't bear to take her away from someone she looks forward to seeing every day.
We get to Libby's house and as soon as I pull into the driveway the front door swings open and there’s Libby, standing in the doorway waiting for to come up to the house. I sigh and I pick up Emily, carrying her to the house as she sleeps. Libby looks at me with her green, cat-like eyes and extends her slightly chubby arms to grab Emily. "Thanks..." I say quietly as I start to turn. Feeling someones hand on my shoulder I turn back around, "Why don't you stay awhile?" Libby says as she blows a stray red curl out of her face, I shake my head and start walking again, "I really need to go right now.. I don't know what time I'll be back."
By the time she can answer i'm in my car, the stereo playing Suicide Silence. I speed out of her drive way and start heading to the place I always go when I need to clear my thoughts... The cemetery.
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