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I love you more than you will ever know

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My story...

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Just a heads up, this will be my final story I'll be posting. I don't really write anymore. I've lost the skill.


Anyways, I hope you enjoy this last one.

Based on a true story :)


Sometime in the distant future.

“Tell us the story about how you and daddy met?”


April 2010.

Some time this month, I found out that I had to go camping…and I was incredibly pissed about it. Don’t get me wrong, normally I would be thrilled at the thought of going camping and being around nature and making smores and looking up at a star-filled, smog less sky. But no. My problem was that this camping trip was for a girl scout project that I didn’t want to do; plus, none of my friends were going.

“I don’t even like girl scouts anymore! We’re barely even a troop anymore. Practically everyone left the troop already except for Megan and Adriana!” I complained to my parents and tried to talk them out of them forcing me to go. “Jade, you’re almost done with girl scouts except for this one project. You might as well finish.” I screamed at the top of my lungs, “I DON’T WANT TO GO!!” “Too bad, Jade. You’re fucking going, now get over it!” I continued fighting with my parents, but I was defeated. I couldn’t do anything now but accept it and storm off to my room.

The day I was dreading came...a little too fast if you ask me. As I got out of bed, I thought to myself, at least I get to skip school ‘cause of this damn thing. I got my things packed and we started our hour drive to Menifee.
During the drive, I started thinking about some presentations we had to do and a class we had to take to get certified in something. Honestly, I really had no idea why I had to go. I thought it was completely pointless—especially because I fear public speaking. I was dreading the weekend even more.

As soon as I got to my aunt’s house, I made myself smile knowing she was excited to be going and that I was going with them. As least my cousin, Ray, was going too. At least I would have someone to talk to…or so I thought.
During our drive to camp who-the-hell-knows, I found out that Ray would be doing something completely different than what the rest of us would be doing because he wasn’t going to take that class. This bummed me out even more. Not only was I going to be miserable, I was going to be miserable and alone.

I don’t know how long the drive was. I wasn’t paying attention at all. But after a bit, we arrived at the campsite. I braced myself for the weekend. Definitely no turning back now. It was cold, there was “snow,” and it was empty. I was already bored out of my mind…and being cold sure as hell didn’t help. And I couldn’t even text my best friend because I forgot my phone charger and I didn’t want my phone to die.
We were the first of the group to arrive, so there wasn’t much to do besides walk around and try to be at peace with nature. I have to admit, although I 100% didn’t want to be there, I was happy to be out of the city and in the mountains.

After about an hour or so, my aunt got a call saying that a few of the others had arrived. So what did I do? I took a deep breath, put on my purple-and-black-with-Mickey-Mouse-on-the-corner sunglasses, and prepared myself for meeting two of the other guys I’d be spending my weekend with.

I was introduced to the first guy…Gerard or Jared or some shit like that, I couldn’t remember. All I could focus on was the guy standing next to him…Frank. I couldn’t help but smile at him as my heart rate began to increase. You see, I had gone out with someone three months prior to this. I thought about that guy practically everyday and the pain he put me through…till now. Within those few moments of seeing Frank, I could barely even remember the other guy’s name. I immediately got out my phone to text my best friend, “Oh my god, there’s a really cute dude here. Maybe this weekend won’t be so bad after all :D.” I could definitely feel my weekend getting better already.

I quickly clicked with all the guys…especially Frank. I don’t know how, but we found out we listened to the same music so we listened to his I-pod together and mourned over the Rev’s death. This all felt really weird to me. I was usually a very shy person at first; it took a while for me to warm up to people. But it was really different with Frank. I was able to be myself with him; I felt comfortable with him.

The weekend was filled with many adventures for all of us. We had snowball fights, we played ninja (although I really sucked at it), we attempted to walk around with our ankles tied together, hell they even tied me to a chair, took my shoes, and left me in the snow. And we also all played truth or dare. I won’t go into details but lets just say there were quite a few inappropriate dares involving me. After that though, things got weird. Maybe nobody else noticed or felt it, but I sensed that something was wrong. I noticed that Frank suddenly seemed off and distant. But I didn’t want to say anything; I didn’t want to start anything.

After dinner, everyone went to the tents and went to sleep. I stayed up though. I sat down next to the heater trying to warm up and to be alone with my thoughts. I noticed Frank sitting on the table in the cold across from there I was. I still noticed and felt something was wrong, but yet I still didn’t say anything. Soon enough though, Frank got my attention and threw his phone to me. He was apologizing for was he was dared to do during our game earlier. I had a feeling that had something to do with the distance. He then explained of his tendency of becoming depressed. I felt empathy for him because I’ve experienced the same thing. We continued to talk through text and I ended up giving him my number so he could talk whenever he needed to. Sometime during our conversation, he got up from the table and sat across from me by the heater. We continued to talk regularly and laughed about things like the steam coming from our snow-soaked shoes after putting them in front of the heater. But it was getting late and we had to go to bed. We stood up and stared at each other before giving each other a goodnight hug. To my disappointment, it didn’t last long enough. And I’d be lying to myself if I said I didn’t want something else.
I went to my tent and stayed up little, lost in my thoughts yet again. It frightened me that I liked this guy so much. It seemed really fast to me. I thought to myself, I can’t be the only one who felt a connection right now.

The next day came too quickly. It was Sunday, the day we had to leave. I, for one, was actually upset. I honestly didn’t think I’d have this much fun. Soon, it was time to say our final goodbyes. First, I said bye to Mikey and Gerard. Then I walked up to Frank and looked at him with a small smile on my face. I was sad to say bye to him. He held out his arms and gave me one last hug before parting ways.

Time passed, I graduated from high school two months later, and I tried putting my feelings aside. But I couldn’t. You see, Frank actually took me up on my offer and talked to me when he needed to and vice versa. But we also talked just because, as friends. Hey, I even got to see him a couple times after, including at 2010 Warped Tour.

But after that, we stopped talking. I even started to talk a lot with two other guys I met. But even through that, I still had Frank on the back of my mind. Yea, I found it difficult to get over crushes sometimes, but it had never been like this. I didn’t want to start a relationship with the others because I kept thinking “what if.” But, I pretty much talked myself out of these feelings. I figured he probably had someone else anyways so why bother. So I stayed alone even after all the attention I was getting from other guys. I didn’t want their attention.

But one day, I got a text from him…”Hey.”

After that, we started talking again…a lot. And the strong feelings returned. And to my disbelief, feelings were randomly confessed one day. I was completely overwhelmed. I told Frank that I had feelings from him since day one.

From then on, we talked pretty much every day. We had heavy discussions about what we were going to do about our situation. We were both hesitant considering we lived an hour away from each other. A month had passed, and I was almost ready to give up. I was frustrated that we couldn’t make this decision. Actually, I pretty much left the decision to him. But I was putting stuff into my own head. I accepted the fact that he probably would choose someone else who lived closer to him. I mean, I am 100% sure there were other girls who liked him a lot. I was ready to give up…but I didn’t because even after all this, I still had “what if” running through my mind.

Late one night, after returning from a tiring day at Disneyland, I got a text from him, “so I made my decision.” After we talked, I would never forget his response to me asking “what you doing tomorrow?”

“Band practice…and texting my gf all day :)”


I hope you enjoyed this :)
It's been fun being on here...thanks for all the great stories everyone.
xo Antoinette
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