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Hell Above.

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This is a wasteland, my only retreat. With heaven above you there's hell over me.

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Hell Above.

This is a wasteland.
My only retreat.
With heaven above you.
There's hell over me.

You are the angel.
The perfect child.
Good grades, and good future.
Good friends, and good life.

I am the devil.
The horrid child.
I am evil.
I am me.

My home, is a wasteland.
Yet, it's my only retreat.
There's Heaven above you.
And Hell over me.

The water is rusted.
The air, is unclean.
But, for a second, I feel free.
Because this is a wasteland and my only retreat.

What about us, and , what about me?
I hang from the gallows and sleep in the rain.
This is a wasteland and my only retreat.
And I am the devil, and I am free.

So, this poem came from the Pierce The Veil song Hell Above, it's other name is May These Voices Startle You In Your Sleep, but I prefer Hell Above Better.
And, I did use the chorus of the song as the first stanza, and the adding bit of the song in the fifth stanza.
I just love the song okay? It's too good.
Rate and Review guysies! xx Sadie
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