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Of scarlet juvinile light.

by MidnightBlues 1 review

Just an anti self harm poem for my dear friendI know there are a lots out there, but hay... :)

Category: Poetry - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst - Published: 2013-03-28 - 97 words

My foe, my friend;
But not your own;
Of scarlet juvinile light.

Of fledglings cracked;
Cause new hatred;
Late in mornful night.

Of somre ivory;
Awash with blood;
As innosence bears the sight.

A featherweight blade;
Of discuised trust;
Holds all will and might.

The stream of morbid;
Sorrows now gone;
Of inner tormented fight.

We must releant;
We must stop;
And end this dreadful plight.

I hope you liked that, and that it was not utter crap. If it was, rate it and review it; if it wasn't, please still rate and review.

Happy easter.

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