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Hoping you guys have had a better day than me.

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Hello c:
Well, today I got into a fight with my brother.
ALMOST a flying fists one.
He has issues. Why?
Because it was over ICE CREAM.
I told him to chill, since it was just icecream.
Then he said, "Okay, it's just ice cream". And he threw it out in the sink. So, I picked it up and he kept slapping it down.
Then, he started coming at me about how I always am on the computer.
I told him, in a regular tone of voice, that I obviously don't always use it if I willingly joined a set design crew for a play, and am keeping my grades up.
While he...
He's three years my senior.
And we're in the same grade.
So, it almost got violent.

FicWad has changed me in the sense that I am calmer. I can escape somewhere. I have made friends, discovered new music.
I was able to keep my cool, use my regular voice. Had I never discovered FicWad, I would've started crying, freaking out. But I'm changed. I like it. I like this.

So, thank you guys.
And if someone hasn't had the chance to tell you this yet:
I love you.

Just thought you might need to hear that. Maybe you were having a bad day...I don't know. If you needed one, it's there. If you didn't need one, just have it in your heart. You might need it on a bad day or a bad week, when you might feel like calling it quits.

So yeah.

I hope your days went better! :D
Don't let mine sink yours down!
How was your day? c:
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