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Her Worst Nightmare

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Kendall is lost in her own memories and she can't work her way out.

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The womans’ eyes looked toward me, her head bent at an angle downwards directed at a clipboard on her lap. The dark, muddy orbs twitching back between the paper and my face.

“I don’t quite remember,” I mumble, my shoes becoming more and more interesting as I try to think back, “I just can’t remember. It’s like there’s something there my mind doesn’t want me to remember.”

The woman nodded, scratching a few words down on the paper. She looks straight at me, a glaze of sincere curiosity over her face. “Don’t think about it so much, Kendall. Try to think about the basics, not the small details. Do you know where you were at, maybe?”

Scrunching my eyebrows a little at the suggestion, I reluctantly close my eyes to attempt to bring the dream to the surface. All of a sudden, out of the black of the backs of my eyelids, I hear the click of a light switch and the image of a lime-green room fills the void. There are stuffed animals and a small childs' clothing tossed about the white carpet, and butterflies on the walls. I hear a small whimper behind me, and turn to see a younger version of myself curled up tight under a spotted blanket, tears streaming down her face. She doesn’t look at me, but stares at the door to what I guess is a hallway to other rooms.

My eyes fly open when I hear the screaming of another child, and I jump from my spot on the burgundy couch, tucked into the corner. I look toward the woman across from me, and my mouth opens and closes to attempt words that are stuck in the back of my throat.

“Kendall, what did you see?” She picks up a box of tissues, and sets them on a table to my right. I slowly find my voice, as I sit back down and feel the tears on my cheeks.

“It was,” I start, a small sob shaking my body as I speak, “I saw myself. I was...” I pause, trying to find my words.

“What was going on?” she asked, “Do you want to talk about it, Kendall?”

I shook my head, and she acknowledged my answer with a short nod, “We’ll carry on next week then. If you feel up to it.”

I just nod again, and walk out of the room without another glance. Stepping outside I start walking aimlessly, drifting back into my thoughts.

I hear the childs’ scream and turn toward the door, my feet gliding along the floor by instinct. I slowly open the door, as quiet as possible, and slip out with a small glance back at my younger self. Turning back into the hallway, I follow the sound of muffled cries to an open door at the end of the hallway. I glance in and immediately wish to forget everything. Quiet as possible, I head back towards the young girls’ room, and find the bed empty.

Scared out of my mind at this point, I shut my eyes tight and count to ten, praying that when I reopen them I will see the sidewalk under my feet and the familiar building surrounding myself.

“What are you doing?” I open my eyes, on the verge of breaking into millions of pieces when the lime-green walls surround me once again. I turn to find the owner of the voice, and see the little girl standing by her brothers’ open door. Her eyes are wide, staring at something inside the room.

“Donnie? Why’d you spill all this paint everywhere? You’re going to stain the carpet red, Donnie.” She cocked her head to the side, confusion in her grey eyes when Donnie doesn’t respond.

“Donnie! You gotta wake up and clean the paint,” She walked into the room, seeing her older brother face down on the floor. Young Kendall saw the sight of her only sibling lying in a puddle of his own blood, the red liquid pouring from his neck. Her eyes went wide with realization, putting the pieces together slowly. She ran to find her mother, to get help for Donnie.

“Mommy! Mommy, where are you?” The words the little girl screamed echoed in my ears. I pulled my legs to my chest, burying my face into my knees. Am I trapped in my own mind? Where did the Kendall walking home go?

I hear the front door open, and the pitter-patter of the five year old feet running in search for her mother. I cover my ears, with my eyes shut tight, trying to force my mind back to the real world. I can almost imagine myself back, and then I’m right back into the green room of my childhood. I blink a few times, switching between my room and the sidewalk of my hometown. Frightened, the girl on the sidewalk runs straight forward, and I hear tires shrieking around me.

The last thing I see is the little girl, in her purple nightgown and ruffled socks, under the car outside of the house holding our dead brother.

I sat up in bed, sweaty and scared. I pushed back the covers and ran to my brothers room, standing outside the door and holding my breath I push the door open. I gasp, and my eyes overflow and the salty drops slide down my cheeks. I watch my brothers’ blankets slowly raise and drop in a calming rhythm. I sigh contently and pull the door closed again, turning back for my own room. I wipe the tears from my face, and sit on my bed, hugging the spotted blanket close to my chest.

This is what I wrote in about an hour for a contest, I want to know what you all think...

That's about it. Soo, yeah.


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