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A House Divided

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My dad, a crazy radical. My mom, a raging liberal. And me......their lesbian daughter.

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'"Gee! Slow down!" I laughed as Mikey and I chase after him. We were all young, covered in mud and sticks in our hair. Ms. Way was watching us from the back porch, a huge smile on her face.

"You gotta catch me!" He giggled a second before I tackled him around the waist. We went tumbling into the mud.

Mikey fell on top of us. Ms. Way laughed with us, cupping her mouth. "You three better hose off before you even think of coming inside!"

"Okay!" We all shouted. I heard my dad's voice in the background. He was yelling. "
"Bliss!" I was snatched out of the mud by my wrist, pulled into the air and lowered to my feet. "Girls don't play in the mud! You need to get home and shower!" He started to drag me behind him.
"D-daddy!" I tried to pull my arm free, but he held on tighter, making me flinch. "We were playing tag!"
"Little girls don't do things like this!" He yelled. He turned. I saw his hand flying toward my face. He was going to hit me......'

I gasped, feeling the sting on my skin as I sat up in bed, my hand flying to my cheek. My eyes moved to the wall beside my bed, to the picture that hung there. It was of me, my mom and my future wife, Maddie.

Leaning over, I kissed my fingers and touched it to the glass covering the picture. My blue hair fell into my eyes. With a little flick of my wrist, I sent it behind my ear, where it should have been.

With a heavy sigh, I got up, my rainbow bracelet sliding up my arm as I ran my fingers through my tangled hair and untangled my PRIDE necklace from it. My hand sat on the doorknob to my room, my thumb over the lock.
We had to have a door that locked in my room ever since dad started getting drunk late at night and came into my room to beat me. If we ran into each other when he was drunk, he still tried to snatch my necklace off of me and break it.

He's not even a real father to me sober. He wouldn't even call me by my name. He addressed me as 'Devil spawn' ever since I had come out to him and mom when I was about nine, years after he'd hit me for playing a boys game. And he rejected me instantly.

I knew what he'd thought for a long time. Since I understood the words he said I knew he hated my kind. 'The fags will end this world' he would tell me boldly, like he was talking about what was for dinner that night.

And mom was a total opposite. She said that times were changing and the ones who couldn't change with them would be left behind, scared and confused. And when I'd came out, she told me that she'd always love me. That she'd live NE fire both her and dad.

The first time he ever hit me, she held me as I cried and tools me that's hadn't Dunne anything wrong. That HE was wrong. And when Gee came out a month before me, he'd beaten me for having a gay friend.

I'd gone to the Way's house, covered in bruises with tears streaming down my face. Ms. Way had cleaned me up, seeing as mom was at work and couldn't. And then she hugged me and said 'You're always welcome here. No matter if you're lesbian or not."

I smiled to myself as I unlocked the door and stole one last glance at Maddie's picture for strength. I'd be out of here soon.

After I graduate. After my eighteenth birthday. After the divorce. After I ask Maddie to marry me.

We might not have many guests if she even says yes, but oh well. I'm counting down for that day.

Those days clustered in that week. It will be the biggest birthday ever.

So I've been writing this fire about five hits house hours, a few breaks, and thus is chapter one. For those who don't understand the title and summary, search up 'A house divided cannot stand'

But, that's about it, cause it's late and I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO tired. So R+R and all that!

Hugs and Lucid (it's a kind of phone!),
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