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One, two, three. It's the end of me.

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You are sad, and lonely.
You don't like it.
You don't want to be sad.
You don't want to be lonely.


You don't want to live no more.
You want to die.
Because, once you die.
You have no worries, right?


Your mind is made up, and the plan is set.
The note is written and the time has come.
You have your equipment, and said your goodbyes.
Now has come, the time to die.

Did anyone miss you?
Did anyone care?
Did anyone know?
Was anyone there?

Well, I miss you.
Well, I care.
Well, I know.
Well, I was there.

Did anyone stop you, or did anyone try?
Did anyone cry for you, as you layed there and died?
And, what were they thinking, as you drew your last breath?
Did anyone else try and take their own life?

Well, I tried to stop you.
Well, I did cry.
I didn't think anything, as you layed there and died.
And, I did try and take my own life.

Why did you leave me?
You didn't have to die.
You say no one loved you?
I do, you know.

I dunno where this came from.
But, rate and review anyway?
xo Sadie
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