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Songs That Are Insightful To Me.

by MCR-99 1 review

These songs have an effect on my life in one way or another, or they are just the best songs ever written. All these songs by my fave bands by the way.

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Okay, so I have a bunch of songs that have changed me in one way or another. I'll be putting the full lyrics to these songs because:

a) They've had an effect on my life.

b) Fun to sing.

c) They've changed my life.

d) I can see what is happening in my head.

So, all of these songs won't be my own, they'll be from other bands, or songs you guys have written and that I've listened to. Read them if you wanna and just download the songs if you haven't already. I'll be inspiring your music taste, not that it's bad already.

So, get ready for the ride! XO Sadie
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