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A girl reflects on her crush liking her best friend. No really so much romance as it is anti-romance..?

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It made sense why he was into someone else.

Especially the someone he had chosen.


Boys seemed to flock to her. There was something unfair about it. Maybe it was the fact that she rarely returned their feelings, and when she did they seemed to fade quickly. Perhaps it was something else. Melanie didn't know.

She glanced at the book sitting on the end table next to her. "How to Talk to Anyone" Even her mother thought she needed help socially. Melanie knew she was probably right, but she still had no intention of reading it,

Londyn wouldn't need to read it. She was naturally outgoing, and that was part of what made her so attractive.

Londyn couldn't help a boy liking her. She wouldn't have done it intentionally.

And yet, she was going to the school dance with Andrew.

It's not like Melanie had wanted to go anyway. It was just an informal school dance. But knowing Andrew would be, it was still stupid.

Then again, so was having a crush on Andrew. She had known there would never be a relationship between them. Especially not the kind she had hoped for. Andrew was quiet. Really quiet. Not to mention she barely talked to him outside of Chemistry.

She wanted to talk to him. But on the rare occasion they did talk, his answers were barely a syllable, let alone a conversation.

She couldn't help but wonder if he was online....

Melanie checked facebook from her phone. He was indeed online.

She thought about saying something. She wanted to talk to him...

But what would she say?

She swallowed her fear and opened the chat window

and then she froze.

Who was she kidding? She wasn't Londyn.

And despite her attempts, she never would be.
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