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Basically an Paramore/Evanescence slash fic. It was originally going to be two-parts.

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Hayley's point of view

She violantly crushed my helpless body up against the cold, wooden bedroom door and pressed her busty chest up against mine, her wild, emerald green eyes were staring into the depth of mine. My heart was thumping like a drum, even more like a ticking time-bomb ready to explode.

The moonlight was silently gazing at us though the transparent window, it was watching us, staring at us like a hawk would do with his prey, waiting for the right time to swallow it hole.
The best part about such a luminous-yet inanimate object stalking us was the fact that for some reason it caused such a shine in Amy's silky, black hair, which forced me to crack a grin.

Then without warning, her lips crushed into mine, her hands were now pushing my weakened shoulders even harder against the door, consequently forcing me to groan in pleasure. Her lips them moved away from mine and began to run along my neck, nibbling, biting and sucking on my pale flesh and leaving numerous hickeys along the way.

"I fucking hate you" her soft voice purred into my ear before she removed her tight grip on my shoulders and gently caressed my hot-red hair, sliding her moist tongue into my suddenly satified mouth.

As our tongues battled for dominance, she tugged gently on my vest. She knew for a fact that this would drive me crazy, that it would leave me wanting more of her. As we battled for fighting power, moans filled the room. Then her tongue escaped my mouth before sucking on my bottom lip and kissing down my jawline, before her tongue was kitten-licking down my neck.

"A-Amy" I stuttered, what was she trying to do to me? My body heated up as she walked behind me and grabbed my shoulders before pushing me to the other side of the scented room and onto the cozy bed, so I was flat on my stomach.

I crawled up to the end of the bed where the pillow lay before resting my head on top of it clinging onto it. Shortly after, I was suddenly distracted by a mild weight on my body, Amy was nibbling the back of my neck and turning my head to one side so she could softly kiss my jaw.

"Fuck" I moaned in pleasure. She was teasing me, that teasing little bitch! She knew that this sort of thing pissed me off, but at she also knew that I loved it as the same time.

"You be a good girl" Amy ordered me before I saw her Slayer top fall almost silently onto the furry, carpeted floor, her heart-patterned grey bra following shortly after.
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