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Freak Show - Ash

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Reason why it's here: Insightful.

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Freak Show - Ash.

You could never feel this pain,
A million miles away,
How can you cry for me when you don't even know my name?
Crying hopeless tears,
Mentally dying over here,
I can't breathe for the fear of the thought of this not leaving me.
No one heard the girl cry,
No one saw her dig her blade in.
No one heard her whisper words that should not have left her beautiful lips.
No one could ever feel her pain,
And how she wasted away every day,
No one should have to be in her place.

She took over,
Leading herself into disaster.
She took control,
And fucked up her life and all that was in it.
She's trying,
To get out.
It's not working,
And she regrets it.

She's a mess,
Protruding ribs and danger hips.
Her heart's breaking in a soundproof shell.
She can't speak in fear of crying,
Mind controlled by the thought of dying.
She's so broken,
And she thinks she's all alone out there.
Too scared to face it all,
She's so alone.

She's shattering,
Eyes crying.
And no one hears a fucking thing.
So concerned with their daily life,
Stop and look at the freak show, baby.
Look at her freak show eyes,
Run your fingers up her freak show thighs,
Making her feel more like an outcast than she really is.

You wouldn't know how it feels to cry,
Nowhere else to go at the end of the night.
Nothing left to feel, 'coz the vodka steals it all away.
She's breaking down.
She's so alone, even though she's not,
Drowning in a demon thought,
Someone fix her,
Someone tell her it's okay.

Tell me it's okay,
Tell me it's okay,
Tell me I'm skinny and tell me I'm pretty.
Tell me I'm a freak, tell me I'm a monster.
I don't know who I am anymore.
Who am I inside?

Jesus christ, that's good!
See, much better than mine, whenever I make up songs, they sound something like a four-year-old would write.
This is such a nice song, ASH YOU GOTTA RECORD IT.

:) See? Your lyrics aren't rubbish. I think they're good.
Ash, you're no freak show. No one here is, we're all pretty in our own way.
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