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My Skyrim and Sims progress.

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My progress on Sims and Skyrim.

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So, I just played Sims 3 and Skyrim. Well, actually I had a sandwich, but before that I played Sims and Skyrim.

(BTW, the sandwich was delicious! Mmm.. Turkey sandwich with ketchup.)

So, here is my progress on both games.


My Dragonborn's name is Esmarelda, and I got a warrior dog called Vigilance and a horse. I have discovered every town, and the one I spend the most time in is Whiterun. I am leader of the Companions in Whiterun too, as well as being the leader of Nimira's coven. I have no house, and no husband, and I'm not Thane of any town yet. I'm also a Bard, graduated from the Bard's College in Solitude. I'm a werewolf too, yet I just don't show it as much. I have, just recently, cleared Dawnstar of the nightmares. Most of the time, I hunt, chop lumber and mine in the mines, gets you good gold too, my current gold count is about 4000. That's all for my Skyrim update, check back soon for more!

Sims 3

My Sim, is me. Sadie Hobbs. I live alone, in a nice self-built home on 72 Erin Lane (I play PS3 sims btw). I have a job as a Fan in the music career and my lifetime wish is to be a rock star. I have about 90-something simoleons, and I'm level 5 guitar skill. I have no friends at the minute, and I don't plan on getting married anytime soon, unless the sim version of Kellin Quinn shows up, single. Then I'd get him. But, anyway. I'm focused on getting enough simoleans to get the Landgraab estate, and have about three kids. Also, I will work towards being a rock star, and soon I'll begin bringing up some painting and writing skill, to make my sim as much like me as I can. In my house is a bedroom, a small bathroom and a kitchen/lounge. No TV or sofa, nothing really fun except a guitar. I'm saving my money, until I get about 2,000 simoleons, then I'll get a TV, couch and a dresser and mirror. My sim is doing quite well I think. That is all for now on the sims, check back soon for more!


Okay, so.
How do you think my sim and Dragonborn is doing? Good huh?

I'll update As Long As You're Here With Me, I Know I'll Be Okay (Abreeviation is ALAYHWMIKIBO) soon, I know how the next chapter'll go.

WARNING: Rape included.

Also, does anyone want another oneshot, crafted by the hands of me? You don't have to write me one, but if you do, you know my most recent OTP, and how my plots usually are (I choose suicide type ones, I really don't know why..) so you can write one up. I know Liz and Ryan are writing me one, Liz's will be up by Monday. I dunno how Ryan is doing with his one, but eh. I can wait.
So, if you want another oneshot just tell me your info, if you want a pairing which one, and basic plot, that I can elaborate on. Shit, my heart is beginning to hurt.. why?!


If it helps, I got Sleeping With Sirens on, so does that say anything?

Also, I'm s'posed to be fangirling about stuff so.... ASJKLFL STUFF.
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