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Skyrim Progress 2

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My Progress on Skyrim. Pretty straightforward.

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Skyrim Progress So Far..

When we last left Esmarelda, she was unmarried. She is now married to Vilkas, from the Companions. She is liked by all the Companions, well, of course she'd be, she leads them. Esmarelda lives in Whiterun with Vilkas and the Companions, making regular trips out of Whiterun on rescue missions and things. So far, she has rescued to people, two women. Those women were Gerdur, and another woman who was from Dragon's Bridge, whose name I can't remember. Her dog, Vigilance, I haven't seen in a while, I wonder where he could be. Probably dead. Well, he wasn't really that useful anyway. Now, when Esmarelda goes hunting, she usually travels along with Aela the Huntsman or that woman that teaches you in Blocking, I can't remember her name. So, that is all for the Skyrim update.

I haven't played Sims yet, so I don't know what happened lately.

Also, I got my first easter egg of the day, a smarties one. I'd like to thank Mum for giving me it.

That's it.
I just need your plots for my new SWS fic, you know what one it is. Just gimme a plot for the next chapter, all ideas welcome (if you want smut, me will give smut, but in a later chapter..)

K bye!

xx Sadie
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