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The Replacement

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Dyed black hair dangling into his face, pale body jittering with pleasure, burning red lips glistening with saliva...

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A/N: What is this it is clearly unfinished but I like posting things so screw your logic. Oh, and I must apologise for this but I love the idea of psycho-Axl.

There they were, in the blazing Californian summer heat.
Two bodies, a steaming recipe of contrasting skin, auburn hair and the smell of young lust.

Axl could almost imagine it, almost imagine him - Izzy holding onto him with long skeletal fingers, screaming out for more.

But this wasn't 1978.
This wasn't Indiana.
This wasn't Izzy.

His zingaro-like lover had grown bored of his rockstar lifestyle and left. The only thing Axl had left was him: The Replacement.

In the darkness of the bedroom, Axl could almost kid himself that it was Izzy. Dyed black hair dangling into his face, pale body jittering with pleasure, burning red lips glistening with saliva...

All he could do was bite his lip and pray to any deity under the sun that he didn't yell out the wrong name.

“A-Ax..” His Stradlin-esque lover panted, the words escaping his mouth in nothing more than a sensual whisper.

His voice was low, hoarse and distorted in Axl's fragile state of mind. Any fool could've told the difference but the only voice Axl could hear was the growl of his beloved Indiana gypsy.

He must've been losing his mind. That was the only conclusion Axl could come to. Losing it to none other than a man who had stolen his heart and left him three times.

That man, tall and slender, with trails of dark brunette hair bouncing upon his shoulders and a figure so fragile that it may well crumple under your fingers if you touched it.

That bastard of a man.

Losing your mind wasn't a pleasant feeling in the slightest, and this newfound insanity leaked into the rush of sex to create such passion that Axl was sure could set him alight, bursting into a thousand crimson flames.

His lover let out a loud groan as he climaxed, and he collapsed against the redhead. Axl was still deep in what was left of his thoughts, but he felt his body vibrate and four hushed words grazed his ear.

“I love you, Ax.”

The corners of Axl's mouth tugged upwards, and the scene of the bedroom melted into somewhere far away, somewhere long ago. With a crazed grin, he caressed Gilby's cheek and exhaled shakily.

“I love you too, Izzy.”
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