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He was known to every one who sails the oceans. He, the captain of the boat that was legend on land and sea, is known as the most vindictive, cruel, and merciless pirate captain. And now.....he's c...

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My neck was so stiff from the collar that chained me to the wall. I flexed my painful, bruised body.

Well, Madapple's crew sure as he'll represented their captain's reputation. They'd beat the living hell out of me until I blacked out. And when I woke up, I was in the bowels of the ship, where they kept people they've caught. The prison.

I looked around as well as I could with the thick iron clasped around my throat. There was a few other prisoners in different cages, all bound in some way.

"Which of ya is new?" I heard a tired voice. I tried to see where it came from, went to far and choked. "You are. The one with the collar." My ears perked at 'collar'.

"Yeah. I was caught not long ago. What of it?" I heard the dry laughs of the others.

"You wanna live past today, don't ya?" I heard a higher pitched voice.

"We're trying ta give ya pointers bout how." Said another. I swear that one was a girl's voice.

"If he tells you to do something, do it."

"No matter what. Or he'll whip you."

"Don't get mad. He'll make fun of you AND beat you. If you think the crew is bad, you have no idea."

"If he asks ya somethin, don't lie. He'll know. And if ya don't know the answer, say ya don't know."

"Shh!!" There was a loud hiss. "He's comin." The girl's voice whispered. I heard the clinking of boot buckles with every step on the stairs.

The door swung open slowly, making the hinges creak into the silent room. There were a couple whimpers from the others as a pale hand curled around wood.

I swallowed hard as the shoulder entered, a dark, blood red jacket showing. The head it held popped in next, and my jaw fell.

This....BOY wasn't what I was expecting. He had to be my age, if not a little older. He was beautiful. Like a girl.

He smiled at me and my heart fluttered. I follow him with wide eyes as he took a key out from under his shirt and unlocked the cage door.

My heart squeezed as he reached around me, his face going over my shoulder, as he unlocked the chain off of the wall. I fell into him as the weight of chain hit my back.

He caught me with a small laugh. "Come." I felt him lift the heavy chain off of me. He slid the collar around on my neck so the chain was in the front.

Before I could argue, he smiled at me again and helped me to my feet. He led me like I was some kind of dog up a few sets of stairs and onto the deck.

The sun glared into my eyes for the first time in hours, making me squint and raise my hand to my eyes. The captain who led me laughed.

"Tell me boy, what's your name?" I dropped my hand and looked at him.

"Why?" I said before I could think. And, before I could take it back, I was on the deck floor, my face ringing with pain.

I grasped my face and curled into a ball, a small scream coming out of my mouth. Once I could breathe, I let go of my face and looked up at him.

He was spinning the chain around in a small circle. "What's you're name?" He asked again, pulling hard on the chain until I either had to stumble to my feet or let him break my neck.

"Frank!" I cried, getting back up. He smiled at me, the chain going still. He came closer to me, until his body was almost touching mine.

"Good boy." He cupped my chin in his hand and tipped my face up to look at it. "No serious damage. I didn't want your pretty face being ruined." He smirked now, letting me go.

I stared at him. "Oh dear. Don't you know why you're even still alive? The rest of the people on your ship have been killed. But why do you think I spared you?"

After a second of not answering, he raised his eyebrow and the chain swung around again as a warning. "I-I don't know." I said quickly.

He stopped the chain, making the fear in me settle a bit. I bit my lip, waiting for him to explain. He laughed loudly now. "I plan to use you. How many woman have you seen on these, or any waters?"

"N-none?" I blinked at him. He shook his head.

"Few, but no. Not none. More men. More boys." He said, as if I knew what he was trying to imply. "Honestly Frank, do I need to spell it out for you?"

"So it would seem." I sighed. He laughed and took my face in his hand again.

"I'm making you mine." He said in my face. His breath didn't wreak like the other pirates normally did. I felt a bit proud that mine never stank.

That mine smelt more like coconuts than rotting flesh. His smelt like apples and rum. I'd be lying if I said the smell didn't make my mouth water.

"Y-yours?" I asked. He nodded and led me through an open door. It had to be his room. Everything was so different from the dungeon.

I felt my breath get a little tagged as he shut the door. He sighed as he took off his jacket and hat, showing sword cut black hair tied back with bright red cloth.

His eyes seemed to burn in the muted light as he took off his boots, the metal buckles hitting the ground.

With the grip he still had on the chain, he yanked me to him. I stumbled and tripped over my own feet, landing on my hands and knees.

I saw his hand enter my vision. But it wasn't to hit me. It was to help me.

He pulled me to my feet and took the key back out of his shirt. Lifting my head a bit by my chin, he unlocked the collar, letting it fall back to my heels with a heavy thud.

Before I could process more than the weight and pain being gone, his mouth on my neck, kissing the collar of my shirt. My breath came in gasps as he did this, his lips softer than I would have thought.

I couldn't stop the groan that rose in my throat as he slipped his calloused fingers under my shirt, his lips still on my neck. He really is making me his, isn't he? I gasped as he bit down on my skin a little.

"Listen closely now." He said in the crook of my neck. "Because if you even whisper someone else's name, I'll throw you overboard." I nodded. "My name is Gerard." He said a moment before he looked up and captured my lips with his. A second later, I was flat on my back on his bed.

And he was taking off his cloudlike shirt........

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