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Oh Please!

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There's a new that requires every muggle born girl at the age of 18 to be married to a pure-blood family & it just so happens that Isabelle Knightly is 18 & a muggle-born. & Lucius Malfoy happens t...

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~Isabelle's P.O.V~

"No friggin' way am I going to marry a pure blood! They treat us like shit!" I yelled out to myself.

"Not all of us treat mud blood's like shit, just the ones that deserve it." Lucius Malfoy said from out of the shadows of the alleyway.

Turning around, I glared at him. "Are you saying that I deserved to be treated like shit all those years at Hogwarts? Your son sure thought so, he went out of his way to make sure, I was never happy there." I said coldly to him.

Lucius smirked at me, as he moved closer to me. "My son, can get carried away sometimes." He said to me. "It's my flaut, I treated him, like spoiled brat. I promise, he won't treat you poorly in my presence Ms. Knightly, I'll make sure of that." He added to me.

I rolled my eyes. "Don't make excuses just so you can get in my pants Mr. Malfoy. I've trained in the highest level of The Dark Arts. So I warn you, you mess with me, & you'll get hexed." I threatened him, my wand out & ready just in case he tried any funny business with me.

He snorted at my comment. "I don't doubt that at all Ms. Knightly, other then the Granger girl, no mud blood has impressed me, like you have." He hissed in my ear, a moment later.

God! I wanted to slap this man, he was getting on my last nerve! "I have a job I must attend to. Get out of my way or I'll be late." I said coldly to him, as I pushed him out of my way, well almost.

Grabbing my arm, Lucius spun me around to face him. "When, we get married, you'll never have to worry about money ever again." He whispered to me.

Pulling my arm out of his death grip, I eyed him. "Sorry Malfoy, I won't be a Narssica to you. I'll have a life, & I won't be trapped in your manor like a rat." I hissed out to him.

Lucius chuckled at my comment. "We'll see about that. In matter of months, you'll be so pregnant, you won't have time for a life."

I laughed at him. "Very funny Malfoy, you see, I have no female parts, I'm a fixed bitch." Was all I said to him, as I turned on my heel & left out of the alleyway, not even wanting to see the look on his face, as I headed to work, inside a bookshop...

~End Of Isabelle's P.O.V~
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