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10- Hanging out

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... and getting turned down.

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Taylor was curled up on the edge of the couch, but she immediately jumped up when I entered the room. My comforter fell to the ground, and she didn’t move away from it as she gazed at me , obviously nervous. “Can I help?”

I grinned, amused. “I think I can handle two cups.” I took a few careful steps, not wanting to spill the scalding hot liquid on to myself. “It’s hot, be careful when you drink it.”

“Thank you.” Taylor sat back down, pulling the blanket over her quickly. It was like she was uncomfortable being seen. The way she hid underneath my blanket… it seemed to make her a million times more comfortable, instantly. It was weird, because I was so used to seeing her in the spotlight- because that’s where she put herself.

I flicked the television on, letting sound filter through the living room. Taylor shifted under the blanket, letting out a small sigh of what sounded like relief.

My cup of hot chocolate was actually coffee, with hazelnut creamer in it. I inhaled the sweet scent, before allowing my lips and the top of my mouth to be brutally burned. The taste was worth it.

Taylor giggled from beside me, “Are you okay? You look like that hurts.”

“It’s a bittersweet kind of pain.” I choked out, after swallowing a large gulp.

“Can I have a drink?” She asked.

“Sure, but mine isn’t hot chocolate.” I informed her, extending the cup towards her.

“Oh?” Her hand wrapped around the hot cup, but she didn’t really react. “What is it then?”

“Coffee, with hazelnut creamer.” I replied. “Did you want your hot chocolate instead?”

Taylor’s eyes crinkled at the sides as she grinned, in what appeared to be a nervous fashion. “I’m too lazy to get it.”

I chuckled. “So it seems like I am hanging out with Gerard tonight, after all.”

Taylor giggled, “He lazy too?”

“The laziest.” I answered, as I leaned forward and grabbed her cup. We carefully switched, and she started blowing on her hot chocolate.

“Thanks.” She breathily whispered, right before taking a small sip.

I started sipping on my coffee, as I glanced at the television. “Do you like this show?” It was one of those cheesy crime shows.

“I hate it.” She admitted, with a small laugh. “Horatio’s stupid one liners drive me crazy!”

“The way he talks annoys me.” I replied, listening to how he slowly spoke, drawling out each and every word.

Somehow we both still ended up watching it. Though we did make fun of him each and every single time he spoke.


“Want popcorn, or chocolate, or both?” I asked, finding that my legs had fallen asleep.

“I’m not hungry.” Taylor replied, in such a soft voice that I barely heard her.

“Are you sure?” I stood up, yawning. “Popcorn with chocolate drizzle is actually quite delicious.”

“That sounds awful.” Taylor chuckled.

“It grows on you.” I answered.

“I already ate earlier, but thanks.” Taylor smiled.

I just nodded, leaving the room. The house was cold, so I stopped in the hallway to turn up the heat. There was no reason fro us to freeze it out, and Taylor was already shivering under my blanket. I could feel her, even though we hadn’t been touching on the couch.

As soon as I put the popcorn bag in to the microwave I started rooting around in the fridge, looking for more food. How could she not be hungry? I was starving.

Pudding, no. Chocolate syrup, pass. Cinnamon rolls? Debatable, but no. Rice? No. What the hell did I want? … Finally I settled on just having popcorn.

I was too lazy to actually make anything else.

The popping ended and I pulled the bag out, stomach growling almost immediately upon smelling the delicious scent of… food.

Taylor was flipping through the channels when I returned. “Find anything good?” I asked.

“The Notebook is on, but it already started.” Shoot me.

“Do you want to watch it?” I asked, hiding my feelings towards the film.

“Sure. I love Ryan Gosling.” Taylor replied.

“Doesn’t every single girl on this planet?” Or so I’d heard. A lot.

Taylor chuckled. “Yeah, probably.”

“Eat some popcorn.” I offered her the bag, but she shook her head. “How are you not hungry?”

“It’s just useless calories.” Taylor answered softly.

“You don’t really think that.” I frowned. “Please don’t tell me you’re one of those calorie counting girls? Who was I kidding? Of course she was!

Taylor shyly smiled. “Maybe a small handful.”

I held out the bag, and she took a small handful. I watched as she slowly ate one piece. “Come on, enjoy it! It’s food. You’re supposed to enjoy food.”

Taylor chuckled. “You’re not supposed to enjoy it.” She protested. “It’s not nourishment, not entertainment, and not pleasure.”

I rolled my eyes. “Seriously?”

“Seriously.” Taylor responded, giggling. “I’ve been on a strict diet since I was like, probably… 9. That’s when I started noticing how some girls were pretty and some just… weren’t.”

I was surprised. “By 9?”

“Yeah.” Taylor nodded. “I decided I wanted to be beautiful, and so I cut out chocolate… and started wearing lip gloss, and begging my parents to let me wear make up… and I started flirting, and everything just kind of… it all just changed.”

“Don’t you ever get sick of it?”

“Of what?” Taylor asked.

“Of the make up, and the dieting?”

“It’s just… well, I guess I just couldn’t imagine not doing it.” Taylor replied.

“Do you like doing it?”

“It makes me feel pretty.” Taylor answered.

I didn’t really know what to say to that, so instead I focused on eating my popcorn. Taylor’s hand touched mine, and we both jumped back in surprise. I gazed down at her hand, next to mine, in the bowl of popcorn.

She stole a glance at me, and noticeably blushed.

I chuckled. “I won’t tell anyone.”

Taylor smiled a little, “It does taste good.”

I nodded, “It does.”


“You’re cheating!” I groaned, watching as the character Taylor had chosen kicked the life out of my losing character. It wasn’t fair.

“You said I couldn’t cheat.” Taylor reminded me. “Remember, I asked you?”

“Now I know why.” I replied. “Cause you already knew how to, and just wanted to make sure that I wouldn’t catch on.”

Mortal Kombat music filled the living room as we were both informed that Taylor had won.

“So, you admit you lied to me?” Taylor smirked.

She was just starting to warm up to me.

It was nice.

“Are you teasing me?” I asked, pretending to be shocked.

Taylor blushed. “No, of course not, and I didn’t cheat.”

I chuckled. “Don’t be so serious.”

Taylor pouted. “But you-”

I reached out, grabbing a handful of popcorn. The bowl was sitting on the ground in between the two of us, since we’d abandoned the couch.

I brought the handful to Taylor’s mouth. She turned towards me, making it even easier to shove bits of popcorn in to her mouth.

Taylor spoke around the pieces of popcorn, and even spit some out. I laughed, pulling my hand away. Popcorn fell all over the floor, and Taylor kicked out, accidentally knocking over the bowl.

I laughed, “You really are a monster when you break your diet.”

Taylor was blushing furiously. “You’re a dick.”

My mouth fell open in mock shock, “You, perfect little miss Taylor, just called me a… a dick?” I nearly choked on my laughter.

Taylor wiped pieces of popcorn off of her chin and glared. “If the shoe fits.”

“Right.” I nodded, smirking. “You’d know all about that, now wouldn’t you, Cinderella?”

Taylor smacked me on the back of my head, causing my laughter to rise in volume.

“I’m telling you, that is cheating!” I yelled, just three games later.

Taylor was beating me again.

“If I step back then you’re going to kill me.” Taylor complained, as her character backed me in to a corner and continuously hit at me while my life bar was drained.

“Well yeah, that’s the point of the game!” I responded, leaning over. She didn’t expect me to knock her controller from her hand, and it went tumbling out of her hands.

Taylor pouted, “And you call me a cheater?” Instead of going for her controller, she went for mine.

I cried out, laughing wildly as Taylor pinned me against the ground. I dropped the controller and it tumbled away, as I steadied Taylor on top of me.

“This is assault, you know?” I informed her.

Taylor bit her lip, “S-sorry.”

I quickly turned the tables, holding on as I rolled, and soon enough I was on top and she was on bottom. “I’m not.” I replied.

Our lips were inches apart.

Taylor gazed at me.

I broke the trance as I pulled away, letting her go.

It was silent for a few minutes as I shut off my game console.

Taylor cleared her throat.

“You tired?”

“Yeah.” Taylor didn’t sound tired, but I knew out of embarrassment she would go to bed just to be away from me. I’d been counting on it.

“Come on…” I gestured towards the hallway. “You can take my bed.”

Taylor just nodded.

I couldn’t even look at her.

“So…” Taylor sat down on my bed, which was a mess of blankets and sheets… and possibly even a few shirts. “Where are you sleeping?”

“Couch.” I replied.

“You sure?” Taylor asked.

“Yep.” I answered.

Taylor nodded. “Well, you know, there is room for two in this bed…”

“I know.” I answered, lamely. “Gerard and I have both slept in it numerous times.”

“Oh.” Taylor’s eyes widened. “Okay, then.”


“Not like that Taylor.” I blurted out. “I’m not gay.”

“It’s okay.” Taylor replied, blushing.

“No, I’m not.” I continued. “I just… it’s a bad idea for us to do this.”

“Do what?” Taylor innocently asked.

“Anything sexual.” I answered. “Just, we, we would never be together. It’s just not natural.”

Taylor frowned. “Oh.”

“Yeah, so-” I stammered out useless words. “Goodnight then.”

Taylor just nodded.

I exited the room as quickly as I could, but I didn’t regret my words because I was just being honest. Her and I would never work out.

It wasn’t natural.

We were on two different social ladders.

She’d figure that out, once she recovered from her fall and started climbing again.

I’d just be what she used to rest her feet on, just like before.
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