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Till sunset on your 18th birthday

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The family has a surprise for Ranma and akanes 18th Birthday

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(All characters in this fic are 18 yrs old so there will be no problems. Also i dont know when they have their Bday so i made it the same day!/])

Both Ranma and Akane slept in their rooms peacefully. Neither knew what was going to happen today. Sure they knew it was their 18th Birthday, but it just wasn’t going to be a party, it was going to be a wedding. Their fathers were in the Dojo decorating, Kasumi was in the kitchen cooking breakfast while talking to Caterers about later. Nabiki was up in her room, talking on the phone and watching the cameras. She had signed a paper that Kasumi had made up to make sure that she didn’t let the NWC know about today. So far it was going according to plan and Nabiki was telling her spies to keep a look out and knock anyone from the NWC out from coming this evening. Even though she was going to lose a lot of cash due to this, but she grit her teeth and had to do as she was told. Now as for Happosai, he was currently in America at a beach volleyball tournament so there were no worries there. Now as soon as Kasumi was done cooking breakfast, she went upstairs and woke up Ranma and then Akane. After leaving their rooms, she hurriedly walks downstairs to the dojo and knocks three times on the door. Genma and Soun quickly walk out of the dojo and head to the table without a word. As soon as Nabiki comes down the stairs, you can hear a scream and a bang before seeing Ranma flying through the sky and out of sight. They family looked at each other and sighs before hearing Akane stomp down the stairs. She stops in front of everyone and plops down and eats. 5 minutes later, Ranma comes in, as a female and sits next to Akane and starts to stuff her face. After a min of hearing them two eat, Akane plops her bowl on the table and glares before getting up and heading out of the room.

"Where are you going Akane?" Asks Soun

"I need to go cool off in the Dojo. I will be there if you need me." Said AKane

"No! Akane...uh Kasumi needs your help with something so you won’t have time." Said Soun

“What? Why? I shouldn’t have to do anything seeing as it is my birthday!" Yelled Akane

"Yes hun i know, but it is also Ranma’s and I need you to come with me to the store to pick up some stuff. Ranma, I need you to do me a favor?" Asks Kasumi

Akane pouts and stomps upstairs to get changed. Ranma sits there wondering why Soun is acting so weird but shrugs it off and looks at Kasumi

“What’s up Kasumi?”

"Dr tofu needs you to work today." Said Kasumi

"Aw man! It’s my birthday! Like Akane said, I shouldn't have to work" Said Ranma

"Yes I know, and I am sorry, but Dr Tofu really needs your help for a bit! Please Ranma!" Asks Kasumi with puppy eyes

Ranma sighs and nods his head. He gets up and without a word to the family, he heads out the door. Kasumi calls for Akane to get ready. Akane comes down the stairs and walks out the door. As soon as Akane and Kasumi left, Soun, Genma and Nabiki sigh and get to work getting everything ready.


Ranma walks to the clinic with no problems. It seems that the Amazons and Ukyo decided to leave him alone today . Ranma smirks as he opens the door to the clinic and walks in.

"Hey DR Tofu! I’m here! Kasumi told me you had work for me to do?" Asks Ranma

"Ah you are early Ranma! Give me a second with this patent and we will get started. Just go wait in the waiting room for me." Yelled Tofu

Ranma sits down in one of the chairs and stares out into space. Suddenly something catches his eyes and he picks it up. It was a wedding magazine called 'every bride'. Ranma blushes and quickly flips through it. He stops at this one picture of a beautiful western dress that was cut low in the front. Ranma stares at it for a minute before blushing and putting it down.

[/'What was I thinking! Sure Akane would look good in that dress but I’ll never tell her'
Thought Ranma

Soon an old lady and Tofu come down the stairs. When the old lady leaves, Tofu motions for Ranma to follow him into the back, Smirking all the way.

'What i do for Kasumi's love' thought Tofu


Kasumi decides to wander around town with Akane. Kasumi made her mind up the night before that it would be a shopping day on top of picking up food for the family. Kasumi smirked at how easy it was to get Ranma and Akane out of the house till the evening. Everyone in the family was tired of their fighting and whatnot so today was the day! Kasumi smirks and turns to Akane who was looking at a yellow hat that she adores. Akane looks up and smiles.

'I hope Akane and Ranma won’t be mad at me at the end of the day. This wasn’t my idea.' Thought Kasumi as she stares at Akane

"You okay Kasumi? You keep staring at me?" Asks AKane

"Hm? Oh yea I’m fine. Now do you want that hat? It would look lovely with the yellow summer dress!" Says Kasumi

"I do, but the price, Y550 ($6.69). It seems too much!" Said a pouting Akane

"No worries dear. We can afford it for you. Buy it! Trust me it looks wonderful on you" Said Kasumi

"Okay! I’ll get it!" Said Akane as she heads to the counter to pay for it.

'Good consider that is your birthday/surprise present.' Thought a smirking Kasumi


"Are you sure that we want put the present table over there? I don’t think we will have enough room for people to dance if we do" Yelled Soun from on top of a latter

"I’m sure daddy. The Dojo is big enough. Besides we are not going to have a lot of people. I mean the NWC isn’t coming." Said Nabiki

“Well that is good. I don’t want them to interfere like last time. This time my little girl is going to be happy!" Said Soun with tears coming down his eyes

"Quite right Soun! We only want what is best for our kids and this is the best for them." Said Genma

"So how are we getting Ranma and Akane in here?" Asks Nabiki

"Well Tofu has a friend from America who sent him some kind of sleeping powder. Tofu and Kasumi are going to have Ranma and Akane drink it and then drive them back here to get ready." Said Genma

"I see but what about when they wake up and find themselves here? How are we going to take care of that?" Asks Nabiki

"Well by the time they wake up, they will be tied down. They won’t have a choice." said Soun

"Well okay. As long as you know what you are doing and by the way I hope you know that I am hoping to get my money soon for you two for keeping quiet. I could have made a lot today if I hadn’t signed a contract with Kasumi." Said a peeved Nabiki

"No problem Nabiki. But I can’t believe you would swindle your own father and father in law" Cried Soun

"Eh, Money is money as far as I am concerned" Said Nabiki while working on the crape paper.


Kasumi decided it was lunch time and suggested to Akane that they stop at local restaurant to eat. Kasumi didn’t want to go to the cat cafe or the Ukyo's restaurant to do this. She decided to stop at the winged horse. This shop was owned by a friend of Kasumi’s and knew a head of time what was going happen so they were shown to a table close to the bathrooms and that was blocked. Akane seemed wary at first, but Kasumi assured her that it was fine and once seated, they ordered. When their drinks came, Akane looked around at all the decorations in the restaurant. Kasumi took that time to quickly put the powder in Akane’s drink. Akane turned around smiled at Kasumi before taking a sip of her drink. Kasumi watched Akane down half her drink. Akane looked at her weird and Kasumi just assured her that it wasn’t anything. Akane took another long sip of her drink before food came. When the food came the waiter winked at Kasumi and then left. Kasumi smiled and picked at her food. Akane just drove right into her food. Akane looked up and noticed that Kasumi was picking at her food. She stopped eating and looked at Kasumi.

"Kasumi, why are you not eating? Are you not hungry?" Asked Akane

"Oh I am hungry. Sorry! Thanks for the food" Said Kasumi as she chows down

Akane stares for a minute before shrugging and turns back to her food. Kasumi went back to picking her food. As soon as she looked back up, she noticed that Akane was starting to fall asleep. Kasumi dropped her fork and watched as Akane lays her head back on the chair. Without a word, Kasumi signals for her friend to help her pick Akane up and they carry her to a waiting car. Kasumi gets into the car and drives to Tofu's clinic while keeping an eye on the road and the sleeping Akane.


"Ranma! Time to take a break! I bought you some lemonade" Yelled Tofu

"Whew! Thanks Doc! I didn’t know you had a storage room that was so unorganized!" Said an exhausted Ranma

"Yea, Sorry about that. It’s been that way since I fired Genma and Shampoo I haven’t had time to organize it myself. So once again thanks for cleaning it! Here is your drink." Said Tofu

Ranma drank the whole glass down. Tofu's eyes went wide. Ranma was about to say something when he fell to the floor. Tofu sighs and picks up Ranma and puts him on the bed. There he took the glass and went to clean it out and close the Clinic. As he was checking up on Ranma, making sure he didn’t wake up, he hears a car horn in the back of the clinic. He smiles and goes to open the door and finds Kasumi Smiling at him. Giving her a thumbs up, Kasumi helps Tofu get Ranma into the car and they head to the house.


"Wow sis! It really hit her hard didn’t it?"

"Yes Well I thought it was going to take some time. Tofu told me that it hit Ranma fast too."

"Wow I guess that is what happens when it is given to people with a high metabolism. Now let’s get her ready! We wouldn’t want to keep Ranma waiting!" Said Nabiki


"It hit him really fast Mr Tendo. I didn’t have enough time to protect his head when he fell"

"Yes well he has a hard head so no worries. Now let’s get him ready! Can’t keep Akane waiting"

"Quite right Genma. Hand me that shirt."


Akane started to awake to the sound of giggling. She slightly opened her eyes but closed them right away due to the bright light.

'Ugh I hope I didn’t embarrass Kasumi when I fell asleep at the restaurant. Now where am I and why is it so bright? ‘Thought Akane

A male groan is heard right beside her. Akanes eyes shoot open and look to her right. She gasps when she sees ramna in a Tux. She tries to turn away but finds out she is being held still. She looks down and notices herself in a white wedding dress. She starts to get angry and yells.

“What the hell is going on here!”

"Oh my! Akane woke up first. This is not good."

"Oh well can’t be helped but by the way she yelled, she isn’t happy with us." Said Nabiki

"No we are not going to hear the end of this when it is over. Oh well. This is for the best. Oh look Ranma is waking up now too." Said Soun

Akane looks to her side and notices Ranma is trying to wake up. He opens his eyes and looks at Akane. He suddenly gets a nose bleed and then turns to his right and yells.

"Well welcome back Ranma. Now that the two of you are awake, we can get to the ceremony!" Said a very happy Soun

"Ceremony? What ceremony?" Asks Akane

"Well my dear, you’re wedding of course. We all have decided that now is the time you two get married. You two are 18 now." Said Genma

"What no way! I can’t marry this tomboy!" Screamed Ranma

"You have no choice now. Once you two are married, you two will no longer have to deal with the other suitors and fiancés. So now we shall continue. Where is the minister?" Asks Soun

A talk plump guy walks in and looks down at Ranma and AKane first and then turns to Soun.

"Sir am I marring those two that are tied up?" Asks the minister

"Yes sir. Now please hurry up! It’s almost sunset" Said Soun as he picks up Akane

Genma Picks up Ranma and they hang them by hooks. The minister shakes his head and starts the ceremony. Ranma and Akane struggle but to no avail. Ranma looks at Akane.

"Akane I’m sorry you have to go through this with me. I know I’m not the one you want to be with" Whisper’s Ranma

"What makes you say that? I’m sure you don’t want to be married to me. I thought you would want to be married to Ukyo." Akane whisper’s back

"I don’t know. I mean I don’t think I’m right for you that’s all. But now it seems we have no choice. At least for a year." Said Ranma

"A year? What happens in a year?" Asks AKane

"Well we remain married for a year and then we can file for divorce." Said Ranma

"What makes you think I’m going to want to file for divorce?" Akane yells

"Ahem! I’m trying to conduct this ceremony here! May i continue?" Yells the Minister

"Sorry, please continue" Both said

"Thanks! Now as I was saying..."

"Well I mean you don’t like me and I don’t like you. Because of this, we can get a divorce in a year." whispers Ranma

" Um I don’t really hate you" whispers Akane

"You don’t?"

"No I really don’t." Said a blushing Akane

"Oh well in that case, I don’t hate you either." Said a beet red Ranma

"Oh well then."


"So what do you think everyone will say when we tell them Monday?" Asks Akane

"They won’t believe it and try to fight us." Said Ranma

"Well we will be ready for them including Kuno."

"Yep and it will be fun." Said Ranma

"Ranma, I have one question?" Asks Akane

"Yes?" Asks Ramna

"Do you love any of your fiancés?" Asks Akane

"Do you like any of yours?"


"Same here. So I guess this won’t be bad" Said a blushing Ranma

"No I guess not. Oh I think we need to pay attention now." Said Akane

"Do you Akane take Ranma to be your husband till death do you part?" asks the minister

"I do" Said Akane

The everyone’s eyes went wide. The minister smiled and turned to Ranma.

"And do you Ranma, Take Akane to be your wife till death do you part?"

"I do" Said Ranma

Everyone smiles and Soun and Genma start to cry a little.

"Now by the power invested by me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." Said the minister

Ranma and Akane blush and try to kiss but the binds prevent them. The family laughs and cuts them down so they can kiss. As soon as the minister left, Ranma and AKane were set free. To everyone’s surprise, they didn’t go after them at all. Instead they hugged and danced the night away. When Ranma was dancing with Kasumi, decided to ask her something.

“Kasumi, may I ask you a question?”

“Sure Ranma.”

“What was with the weird wedding?”

“Oh well your father and mine thought this would be faster. It was going to cost us a lot more to have a wedding in our tradition. Besides, the Minister was an American friend of Tofu’s and wanted to bring some of his American traditions with him here. So because it was cheap, we decided to go ahead with this. Sorry we had to drug you two to get you two here.”

“I was wondering why the Lemonaid was funny and why I blacked out. I guess you guys did us a favor. Thanks Kasumi.”

By midnight, Kasumi was getting the family out of the house to let the newlyweds be alone. Akane went upstairs and changed into a bright yellow nightgown and came downstairs to watch TV. Ranma went to his room and changed into a pair of sleeping pants. He comes downstairs and finds Akane watching TV. When he clears his throat, Akane turns off the TV and turns to him. Ranma then sits in front of her and blushes.

"So Ranma, we are married now."

"Yea I guess so. Akane, um I got to tell you something."

"Oh? I understand if I was all a lie and you don’t want to be married to me. We will live together for the year and then we will file for divorce" Said a sad Akane

"No no!! That’s not it at all Akane! I wanted to tell you that I-"

"What out with it!!" Yelled Akane

"I....I...I LOVE YOU!!" Yelled a blushing Ranma

Akane gasps and blushes. They sit in silence for a minute before Akane tackles Ranma to the floor and gives him a big kiss. Akane laughs when Ranma gets another nose bleed.

"I love you too Ranma you baka" Said Akane

For the rest of the night, they cuddled on the floor and then took it up to Ranma’s room where they made sweet love all night.
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