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Butterfly Effect

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If you could go back in time and change anything, would you?

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The Butterfly Affect
Prolouge: Mistakes Were Made

Hands shaking, eyes watering, chest heaving; she couldn't believe what she had just done.
She fucked everything up, everything; thanks to her careless choices she no longer knew her 2 best friends, nor her amazing girlfriend.

Whoever will listen,
I've messed up- no. Messed up is an understatement, I've fucked everything up. I'm scared, they are bound to find out, and when they do; I'm done for. A prison sentence and guilt await my future. All because of one simple mistake I made way back in elementry, and when I was a teenager, and so on and so forth. I need help, I need to re-do this again.

I am scared, holy shit. Their coming, I can hear them. Up the stairs, around the corners and soon enough in my room. They'll search high and low, in the closet, dig around in every drawer. They'll be dumbfounded for a minute or two, then realize they haven't checked under the bed; once they do. I'm caught, I'm a goner.

I'm so sorry if this is hard to read but I have to write really fast. Their in, they found my room and their searching. Oh god; I feel like I am about to vomit. If anyone is reading this, get help. Call 911, tell them Kacey Warner told you to. Explain EVERYTHING you've read. Find me once I'm gone..HELP ME, because they CAU-

"Mom, hurry up! I'm bored." The boy whined, awaiting the revial of what would be his new room.

"Fine, honey calm down. This will be your sister's room, and this will be yours." The woman pointed to two doors, each holding various amounts of furniture.

"Mom, no. Why does he get the bigger one? He's younger!" The girl fought, guestering towards her brothers, much larger room.

"Honey, you know why." The young boy got priveleges to the larger room, because he suffered various heart conditions, the equipment that they needed to help keep him healthy took up quite a lot of space, taking away from the room he had to do whatever.

"Yeah, but still." The girl growled, storming into her room, checking out her new bedroom.

It was complete with a view of the street, and their front yard; a closet that was tucked away in the corner, and her bedroom furniture.

"No bloody fair!" The girl screamed, throwing her backpack across the room, only to hear something slide from under it.
"The fuck?" She growled, walking over to where her backpack sat, concealing a beat up, black cover notebook.

Arching an eyebrow, she slowly turned the first page; reading a scribble of writing.

"Well fuck, it's just some kids journal." She growled, throwing the book across the room, flopping backwards onto her bed.

"We gave you this room, so your brother would have room to actually play while cooped up in bed. Plus it gives you a good view of the street, look at all the cute guys walking by." "Her mom grinned, nudging her daughter in the arm.

"Yeah, cute guys and girls. Everyone who's prettier than me." The girl groaned, rolling her eyes

"Kali! You know you're beautiful except you won't admit it." Her mother brushed a piece of light brown hair from her daughters eyes, kissing her forehead.

"Now clean up, and come down for dinner in 15." Her mother whispered, leaving the room and closing the door behind her.

"Okay, leave me in my fucked up room." The girl growled, closing her eyes and sprawling out, a flash of colour appearing behind her eyes.

"NO! Pleasepleaseplease." A girl sobbed, fingers lacing through one another as she was kneeling before a tall man, begging for mercy

"Begging gets you nowhere, get off you're knees and listen!" The man snapped, eyes darkening with frustration.

"Bu-but h-he told me to get down on my knees and beg." The girl stuttered, nervous. Only to have a hard, cruel hand slap her across the cheek; leaving a stinging sensation behind

"You don't fucking throw us under the bus that fucking fast." The man growled, holding the girl by the throat. "And stop stuttering, it's bloody annoying."

So, I am doing this as a collab with Jay(JayBVB) she does the journal/flashback kind of stuff while I do the present.
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