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Skylines And Turnstyles

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It's the end of the 90's Christy is a movie star, Gerard's a guy that works in a comic book store. What happens when they get close?

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The year was 1998, I was twenty one and single as fuck. My life was going everywhere. You see I was the biggest movie star in the world at the time. I was in The Matrix, and it was set to be released in '99. I couldn't wait. One evening on the first of April I got a phone call from my agent.

"They love it Christy! They love it! Your going to be bigger then Tom Cruise sweetie!"

"Brilliant Brian. I can't believe it! Are you sure they love it?"

"Absolutely honey! Oh and I got you a gig on the panel of art judges for Cartoon Network, they wanted a big name so I suggested you, and who knows you could show some art skills!". I winced and agreed to go to New York.

On the first of July 1999 I moved out to New York. I was living in a small apartment with two bedrooms and a bathroom. The first day I was in New York I decided to have a look round. I needed something to entertain myself during the day so I got in a cab a went to a comic book shop.

I walked into the store and picked up some classic batman comics. I sauntered up to the front desk and was met by an amazingly beautiful man.

His skin was icy white, his cheeks where as sharp as knifes, he had beautiful hazel eyes and his lips curled into a cute off slant smile.

I put my comics on the counter and he spoke in a smooth velvet voice,

"Batman and robin, huh? You a fan of comics then?". He smiled at me. I tried to keep my cool and replied.

"Yeah, but to be honest batman's not really a superhero because well, he buys his weapons and that's all he has if you took those away then he would be nothing,". The man looked at me shocked and then said,

"Yeah but he saves so many lives doesn't that make him a hero? And anyway his fighting makes him super,".

I smiled and so did he.

"No he isn't super he was trained to fight, and his equipment could be used by the likes of me or you,". He chuckled at that and I found my self laughing with him.

"Well, he thought of the entire idea of saving people and he is super smart, does that count?". I smiled at his awkwardness.

"I don't think so, he's just a kind of jumped up police officer really, if you think about it,".

"Are you serious, he'd kick your ass,". I smiled at his braveness then.

"And I'm sure I'd kick your's,"

He smiled at me.

"Coffee, with me in half an hour?"

"Love to,".

I held out my hand.

"Christy Gold,".

"Gerard Way,".

He took my hand and shook it delicately as if I was about to fall to pieces.

I winked and bought my comics from him. I wondered down to a small clothes shop and decided to change into something friendlier. I bought black skinny jeans with rips on the knees, a black camisole, and a ripped misfits sleeveless shirt.

I walked down to the Fresh store and got my hair and make up done, my short hair was ruffled and my fringe was straightened, my make up was smokey and mysterious and I payed the people in the store and walked down to the comic book shop once again.

Gerard was standing outside and as I walked towards him he whistled appreciably and we walked towards Starbucks. We seemed to have a lot in common. Both loving comics, both loving music and both loving the same kind of music. He then pulled out a Walkman and we started listening to Nine Inch Nails.

We walked so close together, not needing to say anything to each other just being together was good enough. But every time his arm brushed mine, I shivered slightly.

We reached Starbucks and I ordered a cookie crumble mocha frappacino soya no cream with an extra caramel shot. Gerard raised an eyebrow and I just giggled a him. He just ordered a white coffee. We took our drinks and sat down.

We flirted, talked about our dreams. He asked about my accent, which I confirmed was British. He would always give me these looks and by the time we had finished our drinks, I didn't want to go.

We stood outside Starbucks and I shivered as we walked. He noticed and pulled his hoodie off and wrapped me in it. I smiled and thanked him. We walked to the comic shop and he asked if he could walk me home. I said yes, if he didn't mind.

We walked, his arm draped around my shoulder my around his waist, trying to get as much heat as possible. It felt nice, normal. I sighed as we reached my flat. I held his soft hands in mine.

"Well, thanks Gerard, that was amazing. Do you um, want to come up?"

He smiled.

"Love too,"

That night was completely innocent. We sat on my sofa watching horror films me laying on top of him. I fell asleep with his hands playing with my hair.
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