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I Don't Know What To Call This

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Hello, hello, hello. Everybody. Just a note for you lovely people :) w/ info re DanFrancisco

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I have a few emails, tweets and reviews asking me to update various things. I just wanted to notify you about various things :)

Of course I'm going to update! Don't worry :) the reasons I haven't yet though are that I got a new job! I now work at Alton Towers, which is pretty damn awesome! However, this meant moving for me, so I actually have no internet and I haven't found free Wi-Fi yet... (for you pedantic motherfuckers out there, I'm on my phone and don't have my stuff saved on here) I can't afford the installation fee to get it sorted yet, probably won't for a while...

Obsession: 2 more chapters waiting to be uploaded.
Level 3: All your info, updates and questions are sent to you via email as it's a more personal project as opposed to fan fiction :) I still want you all involved though!
Silas/The Missing Frame: did anyone even read or like these?

AND FINALLY, DanFrancisco. Yeah, he's a tosser most of the time and he's currently paying off massive fines and avoiding prison. I don't think he'll be updating for a while. I could be wrong, but seeing as he can only muster up enough internet time to scream shit at me via email...yeah.
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