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OCs and Q&A's

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My OC, which I made a few yesterdays, and a Q&A.

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Here. I made an OC. I will use her in some stories.

Name: Rayven Shadows. (Rayven is also my ship name for Ray Toro x Raven :3)

Age: 14.

Relations: M.Shadows from Avenged Sevenfold is her father.

Personality: Rayven is a shy, quiet girl. She draws and writes music in her bedroom. Most people call her gothic, but she prefers the term 'darkly artistic'. She has very few friends and has trust issues.

Looks: Rayven has black hair, with blood red tints. Her eyes are the colour of honey, and her skin is the colour of freshly fallen snow. She is quite medium in size and very thin in build as she suffers with anorexia and bulimia. On her arms are scars and cuts from previous suicide attempts, and her eyeliner is smudged from all the crying she does, due to the bullies and the death of her mother.

Mental Disorders: Rayven suffers with Bulimia, Anorexia and has clinical depression and self-harm. She is also clinically insane, and suffers from paranoia. She is also diagnosed with anxiety disorder and insanity.

Why She Has Insanity Disorder: Rayven, she sees things move, when they are inanimate, and she claims she hears voices around her. Taunts and threats, also, guidance calls. She states that it is her mother, calling her over to the other side. She even replys to her, thinking she can be heard by her mother and that she will be saved. She has also tried to create a seance to summon her mother's spirit to take her to the afterlife, which is why she tried to take her life so many times.


So that is my OC. I base her a little off of myself, with the fact I can see inanimate objects move and I do hear voices. I do suffer with depression and self-harm at times too, and some anxiety.


I wants to do a Q&A with you guys.

You know what to do.
Just ask me some questions in reviews and I shall answer them.
No matter how personal and weird they are.
All questions deserve answers.

That is going in my hall of quotes, next to "Fail with dignity and lose with pride."

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