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Dearest Sadness

by AlexisSCREAM 2 reviews

I wish I could apologise, but I’ve nothing left to say.

Category: Poetry - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama - Published: 2013-04-04 - 313 words - Complete

Well, here it is, guys. I'm sorry. Don't hate me...


I wish I could apologise, but I’ve nothing left to say,
I want to believe that you never went away,
Four years is a such a long time though,
So, tell me, where did you go?

I remember you seemed happy, without a single care,
You’d always rip off the masks we used to wear,
“You’re my friends,” you said, “I want to help you,”
But it was your mask that we didn’t see through.

Hurt, hearts and smashed up cars,
You saw my first cuts turn to scars,
You were there when I needed you most,
And yet I let you fade into a ghost.

I know these words won’t bring you back,
But still, it is courage that I lack,
Because it was my fault, right?
My fault you lost the fight.

I don’t want to seem bitter here, it’s not fair,
Because I’m the one that lives on, and you’re not even there,
But you showed me no respect when you blamed me,
And that cut deeper than any blade, you see?

And yet, I wish I could end this with a smile,
But I can’t, since you’ve been gone a while,
You probably don’t realise all of the tears I shed,
Since that day back when you fled.

I miss you, though, I really do,
And I won’t blame you for what you put us through,
I’d be hypocritical to say that you were wrong,
But I feel I should’ve known all along.

I know that your eyes shall never see this,
Despite everything, it is still you I miss,
I’m sorry if I couldn’t help, sorry if I could’ve,
Sorry that I can’t now, but I would’ve.
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