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You always have to go back for that one last glance...

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I shoved through the crowd, trying to find my way to the front. I needed to see the man that I knew would be there. He was the only reason I bought the tickets. If he wasn't here, I wouldn't be surrounded on all sides by teenage girls. When did that happen anyway? When the band first started, the crowds would be complete melting pots. There were old people, young people, men, women, and I think someone even brought in a dog once. Had they really lost so much integrity that only brain-dead teenagers listened to them now?

I broke through at the front of the mosh pit and reached up to make sure my hood was still in place. I couldn't have anyone knowing who I was. It would cause an uproar. Then I raised my gaze to the stage. He was there, just as breathtakingly beautiful as I remembered. He was caught up in his performance, doing twirls and leaps that should not have been possible in those jeans. Those jeans, which were amazingly tight and hugged his ass perfectly.

The piano faded from The Ballad of Mona Lisa and he walked to the front of the stage. I knew he was practically dying from a lack of oxygen. But he had always been good at hiding that. He raised his hand and brought it down in a motion that hushed the crowd instantly. Then he opened his pretty pink lips to speak.

"This next song was written for and about someone very special. Someone who broke my heart," he smirked as half the crowd shrieked and the other half booed, "And I'm fairly sure they're here tonight. Ad, yeah, I know you know who you are."

And that was when he looked straight into my eyes. The girl next to me squealed, thinking it was her that his gaze was aimed toward. But I knew differently. Those chocolate orbs were meant for me. As was the song. This was made more certain when the music kicked in and the first words were sung.

"When the world gets too heavy, put it on my back. I'll be your levy."

It was a song I had listened to many times before. I couldn't help myself. The cheesy, gooey lyrics took me back to a simpler time. A time when I lay in the arms of my lover, strumming my guitar as we came up with lyrics upon lyrics to declare our feelings to each other. I wrote those lyrics. Which is how I knew they were meant for me. The rest were added, added by him to try to convince me to turn around. He wants me to run back to him.

"It was always you, falling for me."

It was. I loved him. There were not enough songs in the world to tell how much I loved him.

"I'm skin and bone. Just a king and a rusty throne. Oh, the castle's under siege. But the sign outside says leave me alone."

The fans must hear mindless babble with that line. The fan girls must sit at home, giggling and exclaiming into thin air how silly he is. But I know. I'm the castle. He's the siege. And I'm not to be bothered. I couldn't stand it. As much as I want to surrender, I have to hold strong.

"I'm the light, blinking at the end of the road. Blink back to let me know."

He held my gaze with that last line. Then he blinked extremely slowly. He had tears in his eyes. It hurt. Oh, god, it hurt. But I closed my eyes. Then I turned and walked away. I couldn't blink back. I couldn't let him know that I wasn't a dead spider. I loved him. I loved him so much. But I had left in search of more. And maybe I hadn't found that yet, but I couldn't run back to him. Because he hadn't found a way to give it to me either. A couple of girls stared at the awkward man running out of the concert. I'm sure they were baffled by his tears and sobs. I'm sure none of them recognized his unhappy, make-up lacking face.

My phone went off later that night and I looked at it to see a twitter post.

Brendon Urie @ thisisryanross: Ryry, please. I can't live without you. Please come back.

I type a quick reply: thisisryanross@ Brendon Urie: And I can't live with you Bren. I just can't. Please, just leave me alone. Please.

A/N that's my story. I've never really tried a fluffy one-shot before, they're usually smut. So be nice if it's terrible and tell me if its good. I really wanna know so review review review!

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