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Story Updates.

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Haha, does anyone here even remember me?

Doubt it, i've been gone forever.

SO! I've been thinking a lot about My Chem lately as I'm sure you can all guess why, and I've thought about this place a ton and my stories. I looked on my DropBox acount to see which ones I kept, and I have... a good amount, but my favorite Screw You, Dr. Phillips (Also my first green story) is gone.

To the point: I'm going to revamp my stories, take things out, add things in. Overall, make them better, and hopefully deserving of going green.

New things about my writing:
I will no longer do auditions, but my characters will have to be reviewed by others to avoid them being too "Perfect" or "Imperfect"


I will no longer ship myself with Gee (Or Mikey, promise).

...Not sure if I covered everything, but that's the jist. Wait, is that spelled with a G or a J? Damn you FireFox for crashing...

Twitter: @Tiarabara
Tumblr: Drill-team-rookie (Thinking of changing the name, any suggestions?)
SnapChat: TiaraLambchops

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