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Abbey woke five minutes before her alarm went off thanks to Tré. Despite the sound proofing in the practice room, she could clearly hear the clang of cymbals from down the hall. She sat up with a groan and pulled the blanket over her head, in exasperation. She sat like that until the alarm began to toll. She dragged herself from the bed, closed the door and changed into her clothes in the dark. She hobbled from the room and found it odd that she wasn’t nearly as pissed as she would have been at anyone else. She found herself comparing the beat he was playing with her musical memory. She realized that the choppy song he was drumming was ‘Christie Road.’ She shook her head and darted into the practice room.
Tré stopped as Abbey busted in and smiled at her from behind the pristine drum set, evilly.
“I don’t think I can actually be mad,” she murmured, pushing her hair from her eyes. His face went blank.
“Why not?” He asked with confusion.
“You forget who you’re talking to,” She told him with a tired smile.
“Well, you’re no fun,” He said getting up from his stool, simply dropping his sticks on the floor. She smirked at him and left the room.
“By the way,” He called after her, “your shirt is on backwards.”
Her cheeks flamed and she scurried inside the spare bedroom to fix it. When she got downstairs, she found Tré at the kitchen table sipping a steaming cup of coffee. She sat across from him, leaned her head against the table. By now nervousness had hit her; she felt so much doubt in her abilities, that she was sure others would see it in her work.
“What’s wrong?” Tré asked stirring tons of sugar into his coffee. She looked wide-eyed up at him.
“Nervous,” she uttered, simply.
He grabbed his keys from the pocket of his dark jeans and smiled.
“Relax,” He told her, calmly, “it’ll be cool.” He tinkled his keys and stood chugging the rest of his coffee, most likely scalding his tongue. Abbey watched with an amused expression as his face blanked out.
“Hurts really badly, huh?” Abbey asked with a grin. He shook his head ‘no’ profusely but his watering blue eyes gave him away. She simply smiled and headed for the door. As they stepped into the cool morning, Abbey shivered with odd exhilaration. In the long paved driveway sat Gypsy glimmering in the daybreak sun. Tré clicked his keyless lock and Gypsy trilled briefly.
Tré ambled past Abbey and touched Gypsy’s hood, gently.
“Good morning, beautiful,” He cooed, playfully. Abbey blushed at his gooey tone and let herself inside. He smirked at her through the windshield, running his fingers through his messy auburn hair. She flushed and pulled her seatbelt on quickly. He got in and drove off wordlessly, grinning absently.
Twenty minutes later they pulled up out front of a nondescript brick building.
“Here we are,” Tré told her with a smile, tapping on the stirring wheel to a nonexistent rhythm. She raised her eyebrows.
“Where is here?” She asked with a wary chuckle, “a glue factory?” He shook his head slowly, before pulling his aviators from the sun visor and putting them on. Her cheeks burned red apropos of nothing.
“You’ll see,” He told her with a smirk. She shrugged and nodded, looking unblinking back at him. It was his turn to raise his eyebrow.
“Now,” He told her in a goofy bumpkin accent, “get outta here, ya rascal!” She giggled and pushed Gypsy’s door open.
She flicked him a salute and got out.
“Thanks for the ride,” She called over her shoulder. He was already roaring down the street, making a spectacle of himself by the time she reached the door.
She pushed her way inside and stood in the door way shocked. As ugly and blank as the outside was, the interior was twice as beautiful. The brick walls were painted bright white and covered with framed photos of their signed bands, including Emily’s Army. The carpet was jet black and absolutely spotless; the modern furniture was all bright red leather and dark mahogany. Adrienne stepped into the gorgeous lobby. Abbey’s jaw dropped and she realized in her fear that she had failed to comprehend Adrienne’s beauty.
Her dark dreadlocks were pulled black in a loose pony tail and she had she had a strangely warm smile on her rounded face. Abbey smiled back and stepped forward to greet her.
“You’re early,” Adrienne remarked.
“Of course,” Abbey told her with a shrug, “I said I would be here.” Adrienne nodded warily and directed her from the bustling lobby.
As they continued down the hall, Adrienne was quiet. Abbey followed her to dark oak desk. It was polished and sat just outside an office door marked with Adrienne’s name. She turned to Abbey now.
“My assistant quit last week,” She told Abbey with a sigh. Abbey tilted her head in an inquisitive gesture.
“That’s why Tré thought of it last night,” She informed her. Abbey thanked her lucky stars.
“May I ask why they quit?” Abbey murmured shyly. Adrienne nodded and smiled.
“She said the work load was too much,” Adrienne said with a laugh.
So for the next seven hours Abbey rushed around, attempting to fulfill a checklist given to her by Adrienne. She made tea. She balanced Adrienne’s schedule. She watered the plants. She answered phones. She filed receipts for recording equipment. She put everything she had into those menial tasks; so by the time 5 o’clock rolled around, she was achy and fatigued. Adrienne seemed impressed with her though and that eased the burden. Finally, she said goodbye to Adrienne and the few other people that she’d met and shoved through the door warily.
She looked around for Gypsy and found nothing. She stood on the sidewalk puzzled. The first streaks of sunset were beginning giving everything a surreal reddish shade. She stood waiting for 10 minutes, only slightly frustrated. She knew that Adrienne had spoken to him, a short time before and considered going back inside to ask her about it, when she realized that would appear helpless and therefore weak.
She breathed a sigh and started down the street despite having no clue where she was. She made it about a block.
“Hey you,” someone shouted, “get in my van!” She turned and saw Tré sitting across the street in a checkered van that she recognized immediately. The windows and back door painted with photos of his Weimerdoodle, named Dooder. She smiled and wondered idly where this strange dog was. She came to stand at the edge of the sidewalk.
“There candy in there?” She asked with a smirk.
“Come find out,” He told her with a chuckle. She looked shyly down at her feet a moment, before smiling up at him and running forward. She moved to the passenger door and pulled it open and laughed. The inside of the van was painted bright yellow, with a big white steering wheel stick straight out of the dashboard. The seats and ceilings were lined with red velvet and fur. She pulled herself into the cushy seat and giggled.
“What’s funny?” Tré asked smiling his thing lips grin. She sighed in gratification and looked at his face in the dim lighting.
“You,” She told him smiling shyly. He shrugged and Abbey buckled her seat belt. Tré shifted the van into gear and Abbey looked over her shoulder into the back. The floor of the van was lined in cheetah print carpet. The bench seat and what appeared to be a large subwoofer were also covered in whitish fur and pillows. One of which was painted to look like Burt Reynolds.
“Why Burt Reynolds?” She asked with curiosity.
“Do you even have to ask?” Tré challenged. Abbey shrugged.
“I suppose I don’t,” She announced with a smug grin. She rolled her window down as they rambled down street.
“I have a surprise for you,” Tré said then. Her eyebrow rose.
“No more surprises,” She beseeched him. He beamed then.
“Trust me,” He directed, “you’re going to love it.” She exhaled heavily and looked fixedly out the window helplessly.
Eventually, they reached a little coffee house called The Cool Beans. Abbey looked around perplexed.
“The surprise is a coffee shop?” She asked Tré with befuddlement.
“We’re just picking it up here,” He said with an amused look. He pressed the peeping horn twice before folding his hands behind his head. Abbey gazed at the café in fascination.
Finally, from the door stepped two men Abbey identified at once. She gasped and turned to Tré dewy-eyed. The taller of the two, a blonde who she perceived immediately as Mike Dirnt, knocked on the vans side door. Tré flipped a switch near the stirring wheel and the door began to creak open. Abbey’s hands began to sweat and she froze in her place. The dark haired person, obviously Billie, shoved past Mike and climbed inside with a loud chuckle.
Abbey held back a squeal as she comprehended that she was in the presence of all three member of Green Day. Mike stepped in and slammed the door behind him. Abbey found herself practically melting into the seat as she frantically glared at Tré. He turned in his seat and smirked.
“So,” He started, “this small person liquefying into the seat is Abbey.” She squeaked at the sound of her name. Billie pushed past Tré and turned to look at Abbey, who was now curled into a tight little ball, peering innocuously back at him. He smiled and held out his small tattooed hand. She hesitated and reached out to take it. His calloused fingers closed over her hand and shook it firmly.
“I’ve heard a lot about you,” Billie informed her with a snicker. Abbey eyed Tré with chagrin. He let go of her and scooted back into the back where he leaned against the bench seat next to Mike, whispering. Tré rolled his eyes and shifted the van once again into gear.
On the way to Tré’s house the three spoke animatedly, leaving no room for Abbey to speak, which she was grateful. She wasn’t sure she’d be able to speak anytime soon. They pulled in the driveway and Abbey heard barking from inside the house. Tré flipped the switch again and Mike and Billie piled out smiling mischievously. Tré winked at her and climbed out. She sat focusing on breathing before Mike pulled her door open.
“T-thanks,” she croaked, climbing from inside. He nodded and started forward following after Billie who was already letting himself in. Tré was at her side then. She breathed a sigh of alleviation and looked up at him.
He still smiled down at her his hands in his pockets, but she saw a hint of concern in her eyes and she tried not to appear as intimidated as she was. She had thought being near Tré made her faint-hearted, the three of them together was stunning and exhilarating.
“Don’t worry,” He whispered humorously, “they don’t bite.” She couldn’t help but smile up at him as the light faded from the sky.
“In that case,” She informed him as they reached the door, “it’s not them I’m worried about.” He snapped his teeth at her and pushed the door open. She took a moment to let the glow fade from her cheeks before Dooder jumped from the door and tackled her. The tangle haired dog licked her face eagerly and barked in her ear. She cringed and Tré pushed him off of her. He dropped to his knees and hugged the odd looking hybrid around the neck affectionately. Dooder turned and licked Tré in the face, vigilantly. Abbey chortled as the dog’s tail beat weakly against the stoop.
Tré simpered up at her and explained, “He’s been at the vet since Friday. He had to be neutered, he kept humping stuff.”
Abbey burst out laughing then. Tré stood placed his hands on his hips and looked miffed.
“What’s funny about that?” He asked and she couldn’t tell if he was truly upset.
“Nothing,” She uttered, “just, if that’s the reason you had him neutered, I’d imagine you’re next in line.” A smile broke his resolution. Mike and Billie stood expectantly at the bottom of the stairs. Mike stood with his gangly yet graceful arms crossed over his chest and Billie chuckling bemusedly. Dooder ran inside as Frankito walked in from the hallway.
Tré gestured forward and said, “After you.”
Abbey’s cheeks blazed as stepped inside.
“Abbey,” Billie divulged with a titter, “I think you may be a bad influence.” Abbey halted in the door causing Tré to bump into her. He apologized and she flushed.
“What do you mean?” She muttered jaunting to the couch.
“Well,” Mike told her with a smile, “He’s being nice.”
“Psh,” Tré wisecracked, “I’m always nice.”
“Sure you are,” Mike retorted with a loud laugh.
Billie Joe added, “I thought you said this girl was a Green Day expert, not a sap.” Abbey’s skin flamed and Tré just shrugged.
Mike turned to her with a disparaging look, “what do you think Abbey? Is Tré a nice guy?”
She stared down at her hands a moment, “No. Not really.” Tré looked shocked. She looked up then beaming at the three of them.
“But that’s what makes him so nice.”
“Boom,” Tré said stepping towards his band mates, “In your faces.” Abbey giggled quite loudly and the three of them looked queerly at here and she shrugged.
“I’m ready to play, I think,” Mike announced and started up the stairs. With that, Tré and Billie started quickly after him. Tré turned and signaled for her to follow him. She skittered off the couch and hastened after them. They all filed in and with grace and speed, they were in their proper positions. Billie Joe already had the Stratocaster slung over his slim shoulders and was adjusting his microphone stand. Mike was plugging his bass into a Fender amplifier. Tré sat eagerly behind the drums, drumsticks in hand, smiling from ear to ear. Abbey closed the door behind her, gaping at them all the while. She simply slid down the door to watch them.
Abruptly, Billie looked to them both and without a word they jumped into ‘Geek Stink Breath.’ Abbey ogled them in stupefaction. They were like magicians in her eyes. She was putty in their hands as they sang aloud and worked their instruments to their fullest capacity. Her eyes habitually fell upon Tré, whose tanned skin was covered in a thin sheen of sweat as he kept every beat and his face contorted with effort. They threaded easily into each song without cue.
Abbey’s breath was low and ragged in her chest after a couple hours of boisterously wonderful music beating against her eardrums. All three members of this glorious band were soaked in sweat thanks to the lack of ventilation in the room. They had finally wound down to ‘Brutal Love’ and Abbey gazed in fondness at them. As they reached their last notes, she jumped swiftly to her feet, despite their numbness and applauded emphatically. Tré smiled widely, showing his tiny teeth. Billie and Mike bowed low with gracious smiles on their faces.
Later, the four of them sat at the kitchen. Billie had absently from a can of root beer, his green eyes sparkling with exhilaration. Abbey hunkered down quietly enthralled. Every once in a while they’d ask her a yes or no question and she’d shake her head in reply.
“Abbey,” Mike said now, looking serious, “How’d did you make it?”
“Make what?” She squeaked in confusion.
“On the beach,” He reminded her. She balked and turned to Tré. He looked innocently over at her and she stood quickly.
“He told you that?” She inquired wildly. Billie and Mike nodded slowly.
She rounded and began out of the kitchen, her footsteps heavy.
“Abbey, I,” Tré called after her. She didn’t stop to listen. She sat inside the spare room, her face in her hands. She knew it was irrational for her to expect him to not tell them about her past, she had hoped that he wouldn’t go right into her dirty history. Tears were seeping down her cheeks and she curled up in a ball against the head board.
Later that night, there was a soft knock on the door and she didn’t answer. Tré came in anyway, ignoring her silence as she knew he would. He stood a dark silhouette in the door way. Abbey stared blankly up at him as he came to sit at the edge of the bed, a frown on his round face.
“I’m sorry,” He declared, “It wasn’t my business to tell them.”
She shook her head, “It’s okay.”
“Are you okay?”
“I’m fine, Tré.”
“Are you sure?” She simply nodded.
“I’m going to go to bed, I think,” Abbey said vacantly. He stood then and began to the doorway. He turned toward her as he reached the hallway.
“Good night,” He murmured softly and began closing the door behind him.
“’Night,” Abbey whispered, sliding under the blankets and into an unrestful sleep.
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