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These Bitter Times Have Bitter Ends.

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It's Bandit's birthday!

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Bad things always happen for a reason. Gerard had told himself that at least a million times throughout his life, though he could never give himself a reason that explained things the way he thought they should. The most prominent example being Bandit.

It had been the day before Bandit’s birthday; she was going to turn 4, and Gerard had everything completely thought out to near perfection. Her cake was going to be something tastefully simple, yet something of high significance. It was going to be ivory, with roses, lilies, and pansies as the border, and the oh-so standard ‘Happy Birthday Bandit, I Love You!’ in hot pink; the color she had picked out, her reasoning being “This one, daddy. It’s pretty like a princess!”

On the actual day of her birthday, Gerard had gotten up early; 5 am to be exact. He busied himself by making breakfast, though he’d never been good at cooking anything besides toast, while managing not to wake the sleeping toddler in the next room. His eggs ended up over-fried, and his French toast was burned. Well, more like charred. Gerard shook his head at his lack of skill at cooking something so simple. At five thirty six, the babysitter, Jamia, had let herself in quietly, a grocery sack in her slender, pale hand. She smiled big, her burgundy-red lips stretching across her straight pale white teeth.

“I brought pink and white streamers, pink and white plates and cutlery, and pink and white balloons. And I brought my helium tank, so they’ll float.” She said quietly, excitement clear on her face; She loved Bandit too, maybe even as much as Gerard himself. After all, she had been Bandit’s babysitter since she was an infant. Her face suddenly contorted with distaste “Oh, no, Gerard what did you burn this time?” She asked, waving her free hand in front of her face absentmindedly.

“That wasn’t necessary, you didn’t have to.” Gerard quietly chided her, smiling softly and ignoring her second comment. Though he wished she hadn’t went out and bought all the things she did, he appreciated it. He barely had enough money for Bandits present this month, because he was so stretched for cash lately. Of course he had taken care of the important things first, like the rent and utilities, and of course Jamia’s fees. But he didn’t like being broke. To say the least, it sucked.

“Bien que j'ai fait.” She said with a roll of her eyes, placing her bags on the counter, and plopping down on his soft cream-colored couch. She flipped on the tv, and turned to look at him. “Now stop wasting time, and go get that little girl’s cake.” She smiled, and went back to watching whatever it was Jamia watched while she was there. It sounded like the local news. He smiled back, and grabbed his keys.
Jamia and Gerard had known each other for roughly 10 years, ever since his freshman year of college. She’d helped him through a lot: Lindsey’s death, when he couldn’t feed himself because his art career hadn’t exactly taken off, and when Gunner, his dog had run away. She was family in his eyes.

As he stepped outside, Gerard noticed the May morning was cool, but had potential to warm up, as it usually did. He traveled down the two flights of stairs with a light step, taking the time to notice how pretty his apartment complex was. The stones were various shades of brown that felt very welcoming, and the grass was a light shade of green with flowerbeds and trees scattered everywhere. No trash was seen.

Gerard unlocked his car, and made his way to the local grocery store, Super Save. The traffic had been good, parking had been a breeze, and he’d gotten the spot closest to the store possible, with the exception of the handicap parking. He walked in smelling the familiar scent of freshly brewed coffee, and bread as he made his way to the bakery, humming a Misfits song softly. As he approached the counter, a very familiar face grinned at him.
“Gerard! How’re you doin’, sugar?” Marlene asked, giving him a tight hug. Her bright pink gum popping in his ear. Marlene was 3 years younger than him and had a major crush Gerard, which she had never tried to hide. She always had bright pink bubblegum, and always smelled like vanilla. She had bright blonde hair, teased high, and even higher heels. Always. She had been flirting since she met him, and usually he found it funny and flattering. He embraced her back briefly, then she let go of him.

“Good, good. And yourself?” He asked, as she disappeared into the back, sealed off to customers by a swinging green door with a tiny plastic window.

“Just fine!” She called. “I see your sticking with the red hair.” She came back to the counter, grin on her face. “It looks good on you.” She said, running her fingers through his hair, resting her hand on his check for a second. “But ta-da!” She said, revealing Bandit’s cake. His eyes brightened. It was perfect, more perfect than he could have expected, especially from a grocery store, though she had changed it. She had added a big bottom tier, with a big hot pink fondant bow. It really made the cake… Bandit. “So what’cha think? Ya like it?” She asked eagerly, desperate to please. When she didn’t get an immediate response, her face fell. “I mean, I know it isn’t exactly how you wanted it, but the original design was so boring- and I thought she might like something a tad bit more flashy, and- look if you don’t like it, sugar, I can fix it… somehow…” She rambled.

“Marlene… It’s perfect!” He said, successfully shutting her up. “I really like the changes you made.” He said getting his wallet out.

“Oh, I’m so glad you like it! You had me worried for a second, there!” She said, relief coloring her tone. “And this is on me!” She smiled dazzlingly, causing Gerard to look up in surprise.

“Marlene, you don’t have-“ He was interrupted by Marlene’s manicured finger shushing his lips.

“Consider it my gift to my darling baby B.” She said, calling Bandit, as she usually did, by ‘baby B’. “Oh, and I can’t stop by later, I’m stuck working.” She pouted. “Give her this, though.” She said, momentarily reaching down to grab a huge pink gift bag over flowing with pink gift paper.

“Are you sure, Marlene? This if awfully generous.” He said, taking the gift in his hand uncertainly.

“Gerard Way, did you just ask me if I was sure?” She asked, eyebrows raised, and arms crossed sternly with the hint of a smile. “Now go on, I have other customers to serve!” She said, handing him the cake carefully, smirking. “Go on. Shoo.” He turned to leave and realized she was right, during their conversation, two other customers had gathered behind him, waiting for service. The pudgy woman right behind him gave Gerard a dirty look as he made his way back to his car. Whatever, his mood was at the peak of happiness. He settled the gift, and cake in the back seat, and started his old Subaru up.

The car ride back was a blur, and over with quickly. As he carried the items into his apartment, something felt off. Way, way, off. He set the items down on the kitchen table, and went to see where Jamia was. He then realized there was a smell, he hadn’t noticed before. One he couldn’t place…

“Jamia? Where are-“ That was when he saw her. She was on the floor in an unnatural, and painful-looking position, and blood was collecting in a pile from her head, making a deep ruby puddle. A huge puddle. Blood was all Gerard could see. He realized the smell was death. Cold, hard death. He suddenly became nauseous, and he vaguely remembered vomiting on himself. He could see little bits of his breakfast in the oddly colored chunky mixture now soaking through his clothes. Then something in his mind clicked, and he ran to Bandit’s room. He wished he hadn’t. There was bandit… also dead, her insides seemingly on display, cascading from her too-young stomach, into a second pile of blood. Tears, and another round of vomit made an appearance. He fell to his knees, devastation and shock paralyzing him into that spot. Bandit’s present tumbled from his pocket as he landed. It was a pure gold locket that had a picture of them together on the inside, and ‘I love you’ in scripted on it. Bandit, his daughter, the one person he loved more than life itself was… he couldn’t think the word. He couldn’t think much of anything except for the word ‘no.’ Her face was one of pain, and shock.

8 or so hours later, he noticed the police had arrived. They said something about the lady under him calling about blood leaking from her ceiling. By that point he had her cradled protectively to his chest, and had tried to force her organs back inside of her, trying to put her back together again. Kind of like Humpty Dumpty, he thought bitterly. His face was tear-stained, and cold. Dark under-eye circles decorated his too-pale skin. He knew it was useless, but what else could he do? He couldn’t just sit there. He remembered the paramedics had tried to take her away from him. He’d gotten highly defensive, screaming profanities at the top of his lungs, and making empty threats. He suddenly felt the sharp sting of something in his back, then being really sleepy…

Gerard awoke suddenly, shaking and covered in sweat. It had only been a month since ‘The incident’ and he’d had the dream reliving his worst nightmare every damn day. He’d been placed into therapy, where he was forced to talk to a shrink for an hour a day. His shrink was average, un memorable. A brunette named Sue. Being there didn’t work; He wasn’t fixed, he didn’t talk anymore. Not to anyone. Not to Mikey, or his own mother, not Marlene, either. They visited almost every day. But he never talked. What would he say?

About a week after The Incident he'd found out some information: On one of the walls of Bandit's room, a message had been left. "You ruined my life, now I'm ruining yours, sugar." it had said, and immediately Gerard knew who had killed the sole person he loved the most: Bert McCracken. When Gerard learned this, the hate he already had inside him boiled, and boiled and boiled, getting hotter and hotter with each passing day.

He thought about Bandit all day, every day. He thought about the details he’d come to love about her, like her laugh, or how she only like banana pancakes, no syrup. But most of all, he thought about joining her on the other side. He wondered how he would do it, surrounded with people. Maybe if he got access to a gun… Or some pills. It would be very easy, Gerard reasoned in his mind. He would be with Bandit, and Lindsey. And Helena… He wanted it badly. But every day he would find a reason to not do what he wanted so desperately. Usually he thought of Mikey, and his mom. How he would inflict the same pain he felt onto them. He laid back down, not quite ready to get up, and felt a lump of rope under his pillow; another option he’d given himself. He sighed, and told himself the same thing he told himself every day. But this time he said it out loud. The first thing he’d said in a month.

“Not today.”

*A/N: I know your probably wondering what Gerard did to Bert. I'm going to write that next, so until then you'll just be left wondering. Anyways, my jaw really hurts. Everytime I write, edit, ect I absentmindedly clench my teeth, and I can't stop until i'm done. So, what'd you think? Leave comments, and rate it what you think it deserved please? Good or bad, I need to know.
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