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A Heady Feeling , and a Chance to Make it Right

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Evangelion 3.0 "Q" - Misato hated Shinji for causing 3rd Impact , and now He doesn't live with her anymore. Can she make right decisions and make things right in the end?

Category: Neon Genesis Evangelion - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Sci-fi - Characters: Misato Katsuragi,Ritsuko Akagi,Shinji Ikari - Warnings: [!!!] - Published: 2013-04-06 - 607 words

Chapter 1. "Quickening" “急”

It had been merely Seconds from when the world ended .
When My world ended .
This cold silence , what is it?
It hangs upon the edge of my mind , the edge of my sanity .
I see nothing , Pitch Black . No sound. Death? no , this is different...
"Nanimo Shiranai" "Eva wa arimasen!" "Anata wa, anata jishin o kirai shinaide kudasai?"
"Nanimo Shiranai"

''....'' , awoke from the recesses of her mind , staring at the lonely empty ceiling that she calls 'Home'. "I've never felt this alone , not once.." Lying helplessly in what was slightly damp bedsheets due to sweat , staring , not caring to move . "Shinji-kun , What have I done..."

knock knock knock

Disturbing Her train of thought , Misato heard the commotion at the front door . "Misato , It's me , Ritsuko , May I come in ?" Creaking slightly , the Metal door opens , Ritsuko immediately notices Misato pouring Boiling Water from the Plain White Kettle inside the Crammed , Plain Kitchen into 2 Mugs. Ritsuko Makes her way to the dining table , Brown and circular , sits down at the nearest wooden chair , smelling the scent of what was obviously Coffee "So how are you doing? You haven't gone out in the past few weeks , and I was worried."
"Weeks?" a curious Misato walking over to the dining table.
"yes , weeks and you haven't returned any of my calls . Is there anything wrong Misato ? we have been friends since College-thats more than 20 years we have been friends -and it's not going to kill you to tell me whats wrong , right?"
a slight chuckle seeping from Misato's lips as she carefully places the Coffee Mugs onto the table . "here"
"Thank you" Ritsuko slowly Takes the mug and takes a sip with a smile "You know it took you 12 years to not make Coffee taste like paint thinner"
Misato chuckling slightly , Ritsuko Initiates a conversation " sigh , so you going to tell me , or I shouldn't bother? wait , It's about Shinji , right?" Misato knew that this is too true to let it pass by , ".... yeah, Not seeing him for 14 years , along with everything else , especially what I did...". Ritsuko places her hand atop of Misato's and cradling it on the table "Misato , that is a mistake that cannot be mended with words". "sigh , I know that , b-but , Threatening to use the DSS Chocker was a bad call , a-and along with the whole ‘You’re no son of mine bitch attitude’, I regret it all" The Will-E Captain is on the verge of breaking into tears "Misato..." gaining all the small pieces of courege left over-"He was only a 14 year-old Child , Ritsuko . Killing Shinji Is like killing you Rits , I couldn't do It even if It means the world Ending..." . Ritsuko shuffles across to Misato and peacefully places her arm around Misato's slumped shoulders. "Shinji-kun was like a son to me Rits , I-I cannot ever forgive myself again..." .
"Rits ..."
"yes?" " I-Is it possible to bring Shinji b-back"?
Ritsuko knew that It wasn't going to be easy , so she reported the facts straight and true. "He placed himself into unknown territory Misato , I-I'm not even sure If we can..."
"Please ! Please Rits , I want to try to make things better ... I-I just want..." Ritsuko saw the tears forming around her eyes that also shown several nights of insomnia. "Please..."
Ritsuko Blinking hard , but , barely containing her tears to see her life-long friend in distress , attempting to keep a strong confident voice "... We’ll try Misato , Well use whatever it takes , Ok?" Misato's mourning had grown slightly louder as time progressed...

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