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i see you guys doing this so yeah why the hell not

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here we go.

Name: Beatus Quinn.

Age: well I'm not a pedophile so no need to worry

Gender: what gender do you need me to be waggles eyebrows

Location: outside your bedroom window 24/7

Relationship status: I'm in a loving, committed relationship with

Picture of yourself: u fuckin perv

Favorite bands: Pierce the Veil is life

Favorite movies: I only watch gay pornos

Favorite TV shows: Epic Meal Time and animal documentaries about marsupial reproductive systems

Favorite books: I can't remember the titles but I do know that my favorite books of all time have been some saucy little numbers that my grandma bought from the drugstore. You know which ones I'm talking about.

The ones with that really buff shirtless long-haired dude on the cover.

Heroes: the guy who lives down my street that runs a meth lab out of his basement, he is a true American hero

Pairings: well I ship Kellic (Kellin Quinn/Vic Fuentes), Fuenciado (Vic Fuentes/Jaime Preciado), mun (sun/moon), purquoise (purple/turquoise), and doughnanas (doughnuts/bananas)

Honestly, the only reason I ship doughnanas is because it is my only physically compatible ship between inanimate objects.

Favorite authors on FicWad: probably myself

Favorite fics: shrugs

Favorite personalities on FicWad: I actually hate all of you, you're all weird

Sample of your writing: taco taco ta-CO

Disclaimer: this is meant to be sarcastic, please leave the pitchforks and torches at home, no h8 pls

thx and ily, don't worry, u rock
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